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Creating a Calm Environment

With everything that has gone on (or wrong) with 2020 Ive really found the importance of taking time out for yourself. Creating a calm environment you can really chill out in. Im super lucky to have my own little room in our house which I have decked out to create a super chill out room/dressing room but you can definitly take some of this and add it to your bedroom or living area.

Im a total tidy freak but if your more of a clutter everywhere kind of person, get the clutter gone. Youll feel much more relaxed if your space is tidy and clean. And while your at give those things a home, if everything in your area has a home you should find you keep things a lot more tidy. For me being clutter free is a must, I dont want to feel like I have lots of stuff everywhere.

Set the ambiance with lighting, I hate having the main light on in any room but when I’m trying to relax I need the lighting to be calming. I like to use a soft lamp and my himalain salt lamp. Although the salt lamp will definitly not light up your whole room it will definitly add a soft glow. Or if you have some fairy lights pop them on for a little extra touch.If your a candle gal, which im guesisng you are, light them up. I often go for a candle with a more gentle scent when im having a little down time but thats totally preference.

Being functional is one thing that I never thought about when I wanted to create a calming environment but it can make a huge difference. If your furniture or belongings arent functional for your needs youll find you struggle to feel calm in your environment. I move furniture around like there is no tomorrow but in my room I have finally found a set up that works for me.

Having an area to sit and reflect and my dressing table to sit at if its needed. As well as furntiure having your belonging functional will work wonders, I use a journal morning and night. After writing in my morning journal I lift my night journal to the top of my draw and after writing in my night journal I lift my morning journal to the top. This helps to keep everything super accessable and easy to use. Honeslty this helps to keep me feel calm in my environment. Ease is everything.

Of course having a space that you love will make all the difference so get you DIY hat on, get yourself onto printerest and creat your super calming space.

Ive always written a post about staying positive which defintly links with having a calm environment.



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