A Spring Make-Up Refresh

Although there may be many of you who have given up on the daily make-up wear, for me it brings me a little bit of normality. Theres definitely been a few days when I just don’t feel like wearing make-up but for the majority of the time the 20 minutes of sitting, sipping my coffeeRead More


Three 2020 favourites

As we hit the end of the third month of the year. And oh what a shitty year it has been. Who knew you could throw so much at a world in a matter of three months. But lets take these next five minutes to forget about the shittys and remember the positives as IRead More

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A Sunday Reflection #01

Although Im sure there are some super important news updates you could be reading, I thought it would be nice to round up my week on here. Not only does this give me a little bit of time to reflect on some of the more positive aspects of my week but also gives you aRead More


Staying Positive

Whilst the world outside our window seems to being a little crazy at the moment, its important to remain positive and keep those around you going.