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5 Notable Netflix Series

Im sure we can all relate when I say Ive been watching more than your average Netflix series. Although I can sometimes feel super overwhelemed when I go onto Netflix and there are so many series available to watch. I’ve broken down some of my favourite series on Netflix and the theme I would fit them into.

If theres one your going to tell me your not watching I feel like its going to be this one. But sometimes you need a program on in the background that you can totally switch off and get on with some work. You can easy relate to at least one of the characters and youll find yourself defending certain characters.

If youve got to this point and not watched both seasons of You yet then you really need to. A psychological thriller that will get you thinking, youll probably find yourself siding with the ‘badie’ but feeling ok about it. Youll be left wanting more and if your anything like me you’ll have it finished in no time.

If you’ve not watched this yet its definitly not because you havent heard of it becasue EVERYONE is talking about it. If you havent watched it because you dont think your going to enjoy it, im sorry to tell you your wrong. Super easy watching but your going to actually want to watch every second of it and of course be super jelous of the fact you cant afford the houses they show. You may even start to think of way you can make money to get the house you now need.

As we are practically in Autumn now its only right to add this to your watch list. I dont think I could tell you the amount of times ive watched this but in short it shows the relationship between mother and daughter and how each of them grow. Another total relatable show.

I feel like this one was a huge hit a few years back and then when Megan Markle married Prince Harry I feel like things got even bigger. But if you havent yet watched it, you will honeslty not stop once youve started. The story is super easy to follow but will keep you wanting more. Its based in a New York law firm and follows the characters lives in the office and out.

Id love to know what your favourite series have been lately and Ill be sure to share anotehr 5 with you in a few months time.



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