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Baring It All

Since I can remember I’ve always had issues with my skin, never anything too serious but always a good 5 blemishes. Its a real insecurity of mine and most of the time I would’nt feel comfortable leaving the house without a good amount of make-up on my face. And then lockdown hit and I thought it was going to be a time of no spots with little to no makeup being worn and really baring it all.

If youve been here before you know I love a bit of skincare, you can find more of my posts here.

You can bet I was so wrong. My skincare slipped through the net and before I knew it my skin had eruptted into the breading ground of the monster of spots. At this point I was constantly touching my face, looking in the mirror to see if there where new ones popping up. Obviously the worst thing I could have been doing because this just meant I was wiping bacteria around my face, but it was an involuntary thing I seemed to be doing.

I let my skin bare all for 4 months before it was time to start and make a change. I needed to do something that would help my skin because doing nothing at all was, well making it 10x times worse. Instagram was my saviour and load of you really helped me with ideas of what I should and shouldnt be doing. A few of you asked me to send through what my skincare routine was and what products I was using.

Within two weeks the improvement was amazing. Yes I had some scarring but the majority of the lumps had gone. The redness was definitly going down and the texture of my skin has improved masivlely. Heres the secret:

The AM Routine

My AM routine begins with The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser to clean my face, I always just splash warm water on my face to rinse this off. I then use The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid each morning to keep my skin super hydrated. I add a few sprits of Mario Badescu Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater which I feel totally seels in the hydration my skin so needs first thing. Once this has had chance to settle (I usually brush my teeth at this point) I pop my favourite step which is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, this stuff is a dream. Ive always been a one to skip moisturiser when I get super lazy but this stuff just makes it too hard to skip.

The PM Routine

To begin my PM skincare routine I use the Charlotte Tillbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual, starting with part 1 I use this to really remove all my make-up, this time using a face cloth to wipe away the cleaner. When it comes to part 2 I add it to my facial cleansing brush (super cheap but actually pretty decent if you dont want to spend the ££ on the real deal). I spend a good few minutes massaging this around my face, not only does this feel amazing but it also gives me a good second cleanse.

Every Other Night

Every other night I use The Ordinary Lactic Acid, this helps to exfoliate my skin and also reduce any inflamation, I eventually want to begin using this every night but to begin with ive eased it in. I let this soak in a little and then add a few sprays of the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavendar which really helps to settle my skin for the evening. To end I add the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream.

The Extras

I havent quiet got the face masks and extra exfoliates down to a T yet so dont want to share those but I really think this combination of skincare products has really helped my skin. That and the extreme water drinking, excersising and the cutting out of the diary (for the most part, Im a chocolate obsessive so we couldnt cut it all out).

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