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Staying Positive

Whilst the world outside our window seems to being a little crazy at the moment, its important to remain positive and keep those around you going. 

The first few days I found myself in PJs everyday, no make-up no attempt to get ready but honestly that was the worst thing I could do. The next day I got up at my usual time got myself ready as I usually would and had a much more productive day. 

Im of course still having lots of up and down days but as a general rule im feeling pretty positive and I should probably add this is my second week in the house so I feel like im getting pretty good at this thing. 

Number one. 

If your anything like me there will be jobs in the house/in your life/or just totally in general that you have been putting off for weeks. Now is the time to get those jobs done! Getting shopping around for your bills to save some money, clear out the garage or just get some general organising done. Ive actually made a list of all the rooms in the house and made a list under those rooms so I have a constant list of jobs to do if I so get THAT board. 

Number two. 

Find that hobby you’ve been wanting to do for months and do it. Ive been chatting to so many people who have all said that they have taken something up that they either use to love or have always wanted to try. It could be knitting, playing an instrument or even getting yourself a little colouring in book. And most importantly don’t be scared to tell others what that is, there are plenty of us out there that may also be wanting to take up that thing that you have been doing.

Number three. 

Read a book. There are so many amazing books out there just waiting for your to pick them up and delve into them. Ive started reading first thing on a morning, on my lunch break and then before my dinner and it gives me a little bit of time away from the real world. Theres also lots of book clubs you can join my personal fav is the BethsBookClub. 

Number four.

TV. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +. Theres many a tv program waiting for you. My new obsession is Disney + I’m rewatching all my old favourites and starting on some of the new Disney movies that Im yet to watch and it is honestly brining so much joy! 

Number five. 

FaceTime is your new best friend. With the uncertainty of not knowing when your going to be able to see your loved ones again, the best way to keep in touch with them is through a video call. Ive probably spoken to my whole family a lot more since we have been told to stay inside. There something about the unknown that makes you want to check in on your loved ones that little bit more. 

Number six. 

Shop your stash. For me this goes straight to beauty. I am not ashamed to admit just how much I love beauty. My draws are full and I love it that way. But rather than buying more now Im using the products that have been pushed to be the back but where once my favourite products and it feels great. And with the extra time to get ready in the morning im able to try something new everyday. But this can stand for anything. If its fashion your into dig deep into that wardrobe, games look at the back of the cupboard for the game you loved playing last year. 

Number seven. 

Stay in routine. This is something that I struggled with at the beginning, PJS were worn for a full day until I had a bath and got into some new ones. It is so important that I get changed, some days its still in chill clothes and other days its a dress that makes me feel a little more fancy. But its just keeps you going and you can kind of feel normal. This might even be down to keeping your usual work breaks, going to bed and getting up at a normal time.

And hopefully by the time you get to the end of all of these we will be back out into the normal world and the play button will have finally been hit once again. 



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