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May Favourites

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Can you believe we are already at June, its crazy how fast this year is flying past us. With so many plans for this year I feel as though I don’t have time to totally full fill my goals, but somehow I need to try and fit them in. May was a month of ups and downs for me which meant lots of home comforts, things I knew and not many things that I wanted to try and test. With this in  mind there are not many favourites of may, I’ve had things that Ive been wanting to talk to you about for a while now that I think ill bring in as little extras. Things out of the ordinary, this post may be a little more lifestyle based rather than beauty with just a few mixed in for all you beauty addicts out there. For me May has come with things that I have never had to deal with, things that to be honest frightened me and if it wasnt for having my blog, which I find is something I can focus on and really take my mind off things that have maybe been a little hard for me has really helped. To be honest I would say that would be my main favourite this month, CharlotteSamantha, it sounds a little big headed I’m not saying that I love my blog blahblahblah. I just mean its been something I have really started to pay attention to, putting all my focus into it and making light of the bad. Enough of the down talk, time to talk about the other things that I have just been loving over the last few weeks.

First off I have got to talk about Pretty Little Liars, which I did write a review on here. I started this series back in January after I had heard so much about it. Last week I sat down to watch the last episode, oh my! If you have watched all of PLL then you feel my pain when I say why on earth did it end like that? Yeah you find out who A is, but I want more, I need to know  more. I think after binge watching it over the past few months it has sent me crazy knowing I have to wait until it is screened on tv, I honestly don’t know how I will wait. But girls and boys you have to go and watch this, like right now, or after you have finished reading this post if your nice like that.

My next favourite is a little vague the last few weeks I have really enjoyed reading. Its something that comes and goes with me. But lately I love nothing more than getting into a nice bubble bath and getting my book in hand and really getting into the story, you can see the review I wrote on The Best of Me here, I am not hooked onto The Kite Runner by Khaled Hasseini a really good book that I have to admit has taken me a little longer than usual to get into. Expect a review on this sometime soon.

For the beauty department I have been loving Macs Lipstick in Twig, I had been after Velvet Teddy for so long but was bought this one for christmas as I am sure you are all aware Velvet Teddy was sold out everywhere. At first I was a little unsure but now I am completely love and after getting my hands on Velvet Teddy I can say I prefer Twig I think due to its creamy texture. I literally can’t stop wearing it. Another lip product is the Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil which you can read about here this is a gorgeous pink toned nude amazing for everyday looks and something easy to apply throughout the day. My last beauty favourite is a fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier in Intense, I am literally obsessed with this fragrance right now. Everything about it is just amazing, the bottle for starter is perfect and the smell, ahh its just so heavnly and my absolute fav!

Sorry its a short favourite this month, but I can promise that next months will be a lot better. I am feeling in a speedy mood which obviously means new things that I will hopefully love.





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