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50 Things To Do In January

With the inevitable that was that the whole of the country would be in lockdown hanging over us in December. I feel like its more important than ever to keep yourself busy this January. With what many of us would say was the worst year behind us it is time to pick ourselves up and get shit done. 

If your thinking well what are we suppose to do now we can’t leave our homes again here’s a list of 50 things you can keep yourself busy with this month. 

Now less of the excuses and more of the; YES LETS DO THIS.

1.If you haven’t already buy yourself a planner, if that’s the kinda gal you are. If not open up that digital planner and start writing down your yearly events. Think birthdays, special dates you want to celebrate. 

2.You’ve got your life planned out. Now its time to plan out your space. If you haven’t emptied the gift bags yet it’s time to give all your new items a home. Thats right a real home, they no longer need to be sat in the gift bags.

3.Now all the new things have a home its time for a little declutter of the kitchen. After all the snacking over the Christmas period your cupboards have taken a hitting. Its time to clear them out, get rid of anything that’s gone off and stock up with food that’s going to make you feel good. I like to think of it this way, one piece of fruit or veg means one chocolate bar, anyone with me?

4.Spend your day off with your head stuck in a book, its ok to have a day to yourself. 

5.Open up a cookbook or Pinterest if you keep yourself a little more digital and find a new recipe. 

6.Practice some yoga, or try a new form of exercise. After all the sitting around you did over Christmas its time to start something new. I’m going to start some barre classes. 

7.Take 2 hours out of your afternoon to have a pamper, re-paint your nails, apply a face mask and run yourself a nice hot bubble bath. 

8.Get wrapped up, get yourself a nice hot chocolate or coffee for the road and head out on a walk you’ve been wanting to go on. Yes even if it raining. 

9.Get your planner back out and plan those date nights, days out or family nights. Depending who your living with plan a few days this month to spend some quality time together. And if your missing your friends and family, plan yourself a zoom party. Yes we thought we would be leaving them in 2020 but if its going to keep you sane this January go for it! 

10.Clean out and organise your wardrobe, I’m talking colour, item and everything else. If you haven’t worn something for 2 years its time to go. Get all the things you need to keep your wardrobe looking its best! 

11.Plan your meals for the month, have a mix of everything from the healthy usual January meals and the super unhealthy meals you’ve been craving all week. 

12.Spend your Saturday with a movie marathon, either a set of movies you’ve been wanting to watch or go for movies with the same actor/actress. Or if your anything like me get yourself on Disney+ and watch them all! 

13.Budget your year. Spend some time looking at your income and outgoings, once you’ve got this planned think about what you could save this year. And the amazing thing your going to buy with those savings! 

14.Engage with hygge, meditation or  just take some time to chill out. 

15.Add some new items to that super organised wardrobe! 

16.Invest in a new TV series, when I say invest I want you sitting watching it for a full day. 

17.Create a daily routine that will help you to feel good about yourself. No more snoozing the alarm for 30 minutes when you could be spending some time on yourself before the working day starts. 

18.Start planning the home improvements, it might be a simple room switch up or knocking down a few walls. I’ll leave that part up to you. 

19.Create a mood-board of where you see yourself at the end of this year. 

20.Send you’re fiends and family some little happy notes in the post, if they need a pick me up a small gesture will go a long way. 

21.Start a new online course, while you’re spending most of your time at work, take an hour or half an hour out of your evening to start a new online course. This year is about bettering yourself. 

22.Start a journal. Theres nothing like a fresh start and a new notebook that’s does something for me, or maybe that’s the virgo screaming out to me. 

23.Eat breakfast in bed. Its ok to do it once in a while 

24.Cant get to the movies, that’s ok you’re going to create your own movie night. Think popcorn, hot dogs and a huge cola! 

25.Write a letter to read in 1 year, to read in 5 years and to read in 10 years. You’ll appreciate it in a few years time. 

26.Try a new coffee recipe. Get creative in the kitchen. 

27.Write down 10 movies you’d like to watch but never end up watching, pop them in a box and pick them out at random. You have to watch the one you’ve picked out. 

28.Start a new hobby. It could be anything, maybe its something you’ve always dreamed of. 

29.Clear out all the old photos on your phone and laptop.

30.Start a blog, if there’s one thing that has really helped me through some tough times its this little space on the internet. 

31.Make a list of the books you hope to read in 2021. 

32.Plan your wedding! Even if your not engaged yet there’s no harm in having a Pinterest board ready is there? 

33.Unfollow all the social media accounts that are no longer active, a long job but you’ll feel great for it! 

34.Head to the coast, or into the countryside. Pack a picnic, a blanket and your favourite book. Spend your day on the beach or in a field. Make you sure you wrap up nice and warm! 

35.Clean up your bills. If there is one thing owning my own home has taught me it is the importance of keeping on top of your bills, sometimes I’ve saved over half the amount I was originally paying by shopping around! 

36.Sell some of those things you no longer want, created your own office space and no longer need the spare bed? Pop it onto Facebook market place you’d be surprised what people buy! 

37.Create a couple of Spotify playlists for the year. 

38.Practice a skill you’ve wanted too perfect for years. Make-up, writing, using the hoola hoop. 

39.Organise your Pinterest boards. There is nothing better than a good clean up, get some fresh inspiration. 

40.Find a new outfit with items already in your wardrobe. 

41.Deep clean your car, one of things you always say your going to do but you never actually get the chance to do it. Well now is the time. 

42.Learn a Tik Tok dance, not something you’ll find me doing but if your good at it ill probably find myself watching it within the 30 minutes I seem to get sucked into it each day. 

43.Do that one thing you’ve been wanting to do instead of something you have to do. 

44.Start to plan a vegetable patch in your garden, think about the veg you’d love to be able to pick from your garden when it comes to the summer. 

45.Create a wall gallery in your home of lots of your favourite memories.

46.Start listening to a new pod cast. 

47.Try a new hair style, even if it does take you 2 hours and its the only time you ever do it. 

48.Open the board game draw up and have a games night. 

49.Spend some quality time with your other half and do something that they really enjoy. 

50.Write a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. 

January doesn’t have to be a time of doom and gloom, you can make January what you want it to be. So grab yourself a bucket of positivity and join me. It’s time to feel good about the decisions you’re making and make memories whilst doing so. 

Love, CharlotteSamantha



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