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Moving Home: Our Story

Moving Home Moving into new flat Moving into you first home away from your family is hard. There is no doubt about it. Excitement is definitely up there with one of the top emotions you’ll feel but you might also feel upset about leaving what you had behind. I’ll set the scene a little for my story. I’ve lived in the same house since I was born, first with my two brothers then with one then just me, my mam and dad. Then my little pup came along. Myself and Alex then spent a week looking after the pup whilst my mam and dad where away. We loved how independent we felt, how we could do separate things without feeling like we had to spend every second together because we didn’t see each other 24/7 and loved that we could choose what we wanted to do when and where. That did it, we started looking for flats. We knew we wanted to start of renting in a flat because we had never fully lived together. We didn’t want anything too big and not too far away from both our families. It took us around a month of looking before we found a few we liked, it took me while to finally pluck up the courage to actually call to¬† arrange a viewing and we found that the ones we loved had gone. This kinda of knocked us back. We didn’t want to look anymore and we felt as though if we didn’t put our name down on the first one we found then we wouldn’t be able to get one. We took a step back for a week without looking.

Then I decided I would start looking everyday until we found one. I went for a few days without any news on new ones being added to the sites I was using. Then I saw one and rang up the day that it went live. We arranged a viewing for that night and off we went. Nervous kicked in when we where sat outside waiting for the estate agent to arrive. The unexpected got us the most. What where we to say? What questions shall we ask? Do we have to tell them there and then if we wanted it? Thankfully the Estate Agent was lovely and she showed us around the few flats that as available in the apartment block. The first one we went in was on the top floor and we absolutely loved. It had velux windows, high ceilings and enough space for the two of us to live. The second was the same size but was on the first floor and didn’t have as much character about it. We decided there and then we where happy with the first flat and we wanted it. It was ours and we wanted to move in there and then.

The worst part was the paperwork side of things, the waiting for the checks to come back, the confirmation that it was ours. This took around two weeks and we decided our day for moving in. If I was to change anything it would be to make the date closer than what we did. Two weeks we waited, collecting our stuff together. Deciding on colour schemes but still not knowing 100% the size of rooms what we could fit where. All of a sudden it was the day before, it came round too quick. We packed everything into a hired van and waited patiently for it to turn 9:00am the next morning.





  • Courtney Williamson

    Congratulations on your first flat! I am desperate to move out because I know how you feel, once you have a week together just you two it feels amazing. Hope everything goes well for you.

    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  • gemsblogstorey

    this is so cute!! So happy you’ve made a post from your experience and to share it. Congratulations on your new home lovely xxx

    • Charlotte Samantha

      Thankyou hun!! It was such a big thing so thought people could learn from what I learnt xo

  • eden

    I am hoping to move out soon too, I love pumpkin and flower decor in the window. Congrats on your first place!

  • Trang Do

    Congrats! Hope happy life ahead in your new home!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • Cherry

    It’s such a stressful time but once it’s all done it’s great!

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