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June Favourites


Left -Right  Color Tattoo  Burts Bees  Honey Bronzer  Rockateur

Left -Right
Color Tattoo
Burts Bees
Honey Bronzer

Can you believe we are at the end of another month, its come to such a shock to me that we are really at the end of June!! It feels like two minutes we where celebrating coming into 2015 and now we are half way through the year, crazy crazy stuff. This month I have really gone back in time to some things that I use to love last year but am just simply loving right now. I don’t know if its because I am waiting on order of some more summary make-up bits and have just gone back to what I loved last summer, I just dont know but I am loving them either way. Lets just get started for once rather than me sitting here rambling about simply nothing.

-EOS, Strawberry lip balm 
This has slowly made its way into my life and is now secured to my persons at all times. If I go out its in my bag, if I’m back in the house its in the room that I’m in. It just simply never leaves me. My lips have all of a sudden become super dry and this has been the perfect thing to keep them looking a little more sexy shall we say. I never thought Id describe lips as sexy but here we are in 2015 doing that exact thing. Im loving it that much that sitting here talking about it has made me need to get up and get it to put on my lips, not that it was that far away from me! Just hiding on my bed!

-Burts Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb 
Again on the same line as my lips being super chapped, I have to say my lips do not look ‘sexy’ when I put a coral coloured lipstick and the colour sticks between the cracks. YACK, TMI yet? But I still want to have a little bit of colour on my lips. So Burts Bees have given me the best of both worlds, a soothing balm with a red tint too it. Woo, Im loving this for when Im out the house and wanting to you know look a little alright.

-Benefit Roackateur blush
If you’ve never seen the colour of this then where have you been? Im only kidding but seriously this is my favourite blush colour for the summer, its a kinda coral shimmery goodness. I think its the gold flecks that do it for me. I just don’t seem to be able to settle if I don’t even just pop a little of this on my cheeks in the morning. 100% my favourite box blush that benefit have done. Although it is very close to some of the others that I love.

-The Body Shop Honey Bronzer
Another must have. This is the perfect bronzing shade for me in the summer, living in the Uk you don’t tend to see too much sun. So this creates the perfect little cheat for me. Its pretty matte so helps me get that natural look rather than something super shimmery. Its only a little white lie, I promise!

-Maybelline The Rocket mascara
WOW, where has this little beauty been hiding. I remember a few years ago being totally, I mean totally obsessed with this to the point where I would need to have a back up in my make-up bag at all time. I mean you dont know when it might run out. I found this one lurking at the back of my mascara draw, it was un opened don’t worry I’m not that much of a minger. Decided to crank it open and oh my, just wow.

-Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo in Pink Gold 
One that I loved last year as a base I am now wearing just all over the lid with a little brown running through the crease. I love how easy this is, no real blending little bit on your finger tip and your good to go. I have been lusting over On and One Bronze, I think its time I just take the plunge and add it too my collection for the summer.

-Shiseido White Lucent Eye Cream 
I have rambled about this already on here, which can be found right here. Yes I know its an expensive product but you’ll know exactly why  I have it and why I love it if you check this link.

-Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate 
Something else that I have been totally raving on about, those of you with oily skin don’t be missing this part out. It has been a life saviour for me, just give it a bash. I am sure they do little samples in the shop if you where really that scared. But don’t be! I pop this onto my face every night and I wake up feeling like a new women! I have also wrote a post on this right here.

It wouldn’t be a monthly favourites without a little bit of a ramble section of other things I have been loving. 1) OITNB! Can I just say that this is one of the best shows I have ever watched. I could literally sit and watch episode after episode of this, I haven’t yet because I am too scared that it is going to end with no more to watch. 2) Sweet Potatoes are my THING right now. If Im having any carb then its going to be sweet potato one way or another. 3)Planning, this one sounds a little odd but I am totally planned ahead, to the point where I am a little scared of how planned I am. What have you been loving this month?






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