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Lemon Water

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It seems as though at the moment everyone is on the hype of mixing fruit with their water. Weather its in a special bottle or if it is just added to a mason jar, it seems to be the in thing. I have to be honest I dont like just adding any fruit to my water the only one I would say I really enjoy is lemon. I squeeze a couple of slices into some ice water and then add the rest of the lemon in to slowly infuse. I wanted to find out all the real benefits of drinking lemon infused water, to let you all know why it is good! I know I always feel better when I drink it but hadn’t a clue as to why.

First place I headed obviously had to be pinterest, lemon water is such a pinterety thing to do so off I popped, you can find me here. Obviously you have to be careful when reading these things on the internet as a lot of the time the things it claims to be is not always true, so I used a few different resources to see if it came up with the same thing.

1)Builds on your immune system.
The lemon water has an anti-bac in which helps to cleanse and keep our immune system building and fighting those pesky little bugs that we just do not want.

2)Strengthens digestions.
I have heard a lot of people saying that they drink a glass of lemon water every morning to help detox there digestive system, many places online also suggests that this keeps us feeling fuller through-out the day

Of course by drinking this it helps to keep us hydrated, it may be that without putting the lemon in you wouldn’t drink water.

4)Helps with dieting needs.
A lot of places online suggest that it speeds the metabolism which helps to aid weight loss. I dont know how true this is but for me it makes me feel full which in the long term stops me from eating. Of course leading to weight loss, but who knows?

This is a big one for me, I suffer from spotty skin. So for me drinking this it tends to help it cleanse and the spots disappear! I dont know the science behind it but it is perfect for helping to get rid of those nasty that you just dont want lurking around.





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