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Fitness Friday #1


3 mile runs, 30 minutes bike ride and a 30 minutes work out dvd. Everyday for the past week, has been tough. Okay im kidding! Its the first time in a while, lets get real its the first time since I was in Secondary School and had to do P.E, that Ive decided to actually get my but off the bed and start exercising. When I look on pinterest or instgram at all these different work out plans and how people stay fit. I think to myself NO! I cant just start my fitness by jumping straight into the deep end. Challenging myself with these huge fitness junkies just isnt going to work. In fact it scares me even more!

Instead I sat with a pen and paper in front of me and planned out what I would do. How long I would do it for, when I would do it. I wrote down my goals and plans of how far id like to get  and what id need to do to achieve the set goals. My plan was to run, swim and do a exercise routine. Not all at once, for now I’ll be doing one of these a week and if I feel like I can then maybe Ill go for another run. But for my first week this is my plan.

Rather than telling myself, Charlotte you must run one mile in this amount of time. I decided that I would get my running gear on, get out of the house and run. See how long I could run without feeling like I was literally going to pass out (its normally for your legs to feel like jelly, but just keep going). It when you cant breathe, thats when you need to stop. I looked at how long it took me to run as far as I did and next week I will set myselg a goal that I’ll try and run as far as I did a couple of minutes, maybe just a minute less than I did this week. I want to set goals that I feel comfortable that I can achieve. I want to push myself because if I dont Ill just give up, but I dont want to set unrealistic goals that when I dont achieve Ill get down about.

How have you been keeping fit this last week? Got any tips? Leave the below!




  • Lauren

    I think just about everyone’s New Years resolution is to get fit, you certainly feel as though you should when you all of these girls with amazing figures on Instagram and Pinterest! If only I could exercise 🙁 I’ve got a healthy eating post on my blog, that might be something that interests you? X

  • such a great post! it’s good to be realistic about fitness i think or you do just give up! i really need to get fit

    from helen at

    ps. there’s a £60 skincare giveaway on my blog here, if you fancy joining!

  • Heather

    I’ve heard that when you run, you need to get the stage where you feel like you’re about to die and then push through it and it then becomes much easier but I’m very skeptical and really not a runner! I’ve joined a new exercise class called Body Attack which I’m loving, loads of high energy cardio!

    Heather x

    • Charlotte Samantha

      Really?! I try to run until my legs feel like there gunna turn to jelly but I can still breathe hahah!

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