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Change In The Diet

For weeks now I have been cutting out dairy due to getting really bad stomach pains and erm lets just say a case of needing to run to the toilet every single time I ate or drank anything with it in. It got to the point where I was sick of the pain and just completely cut it out of my diet, this killed me for any of you who know me this girl likes cheese. I had cut it out for a couple of weeks and noticed that the pains where still coming at certain times when I was eating certain things so a doctors appointment had to be made. With this all happening it has really pushed me too get rid of any fatty, nasty things in my diet. I had a few different occasions planned where I decided that I would eat what I wanted and put up with the pains but I would start Monday just gone. So here I am two days on and still on the health kick.
For me this is all about eating things that are more natural no more processed food or anything that has been made to taste nicer, because normally that would mean that there are some definite nastys packed in there. My other aim is to eat more fruit and veg, if I feel as though I need to snack then it has too be fruit or veg.
For me this is another step in the right direction, dont get me wrong Im not just going to completely cut everything out. If I am going out or there is a special occasion then I will treat myself. We are all human after all, its not something that we can just cut out. If you feel as though you have been trying to get back on track but everytime there is a special occasion comes up you lose it. Just remember that its okay. Just get back on to it the next day, where not perfect. We have our up and down days and thats okay. Just believe in yourself that you can do it.






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