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If you’re anything like me then you change from time to time where all you wanna do is spendspendspend, then you have the odd crazy moment when you think about your future and you’re like S#*T I need to save. Ive recently gone through one of those spendspendspend things and went a little crazy in the beauty department. For me I either want to buy anything and everything beauty related OR I want all the clothes. I’m kinda going through the clothes part right now but for me it was all about the beauty a few weeks ago, which ended in me having quite a few bits to share with you. But if I didn’t buy new things then I wouldn’t be able to show you, so its okay. Right?

When Debenhams get 10% of the beauty department my heart flutters a little too much, my eyes turn to hearts and my purse tries to run. There just something about getting that little bit more of make-up that sends me crazy. My brain works in a crazy way telling me that because I have saved money on the things I ‘needed’ to buy anyway I can buy one more thing. Then I think about how much I have saved on that item and I can buy one more thing. Of course I saved money on that item too so why not buy  just one more thing. And it goes on and on and on. Until I go to the checkout and realise that its come to £500 then I have to pick and choose carefully what I really want from it all. Which normally ends in me sulking and getting rid of most things and just being left with a few bits. I am going to be honest this is exactly what happened this time around, that and the huff that I was in because Mac didn’t have 10% off, like what?! Enough of my rambles and on to what your really here for.

One of the first things I wanted to get was the Urban Decay Naked Concealer, I had heard so much about this concealer and really fancied something new for my under eyes to brighten them up for the Summer. So far I have been loving it! There should be a review coming very soon for this little beauty. I have also really been wanting to try one of the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, I loved how pigmented they looked and the colour range is amazing. As soon as I got this it was straight on my lips and I fell in love, the consitency, the application everything was just absolutely insane. I cant wait to pick more of these up soon. Whilst looking in the lipstick section I noticed the new Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer lipsticks that everyone has been raving about and had to pick up at least one to see what all the fuss was about. To start with I love the pakaging,there something about the block colour that just pleases me. I love how these apply and the colour is intense without being drying which I think is going to make these perfect for the Summer. The last thing I got from Debenhams was a Mac product, inmy defense it was something that I had been wanting for such a long time that I just had to get it and thats Soar Lip Liner. Everytime I have gone to put a Debenhams order through I look for this lipliner and can either a)never find it or b) its sold out. So when I saw it in stock I had to add it to the basket. This is literally my perfect lip liner right now.

I then popped into the York Designer outlet which is pretty a big shopping centre which holds all the older stock things that have changed packaging etc. Inside they have a cosmetics store which sells brands such as Mac, Estee Lauder, Smashbox etcetcetc. As you can imagine I was in my element! One thing I will say if youre thinking about visiting this outlet, try to go through the week. I went on a Sunday, boy was it busy. It was so busy that I was getting flustered with myself and ended up picking up bits that I saw that I liked rather than having a real good rake around. The first thing I spotted was the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, this was something that I had my eye on for months and I got it for £9 rather than £13.50 . Which any discount is a good one for me, I havent used this yet but will report back once I have, although I am sure this will be amazing. The next thing I picked up was two Mac Lipliners I loved my other one so much I had to get some more. I got mine in the colour Fruit Pop and Ruby Woo two amazing colours that I cant wait to start using. I also picked up the Mac Kohl Eyeliner in the shade, Im not a huge kohl eyeliner gal but I like to have a decent one in my draw for those days when you just fancy wearing a little bit. The last thing I picked up from the outlet was the Smashbox Try It On, I have been meaning to try something from Smashbox for such a long time that I just didnt know what to get. Ive been wanting to try there photofinish primer for such a long time and saw that this had a mini inside so picked this up. I havent tried this yet but of course there will be a blog post coming soon all about it. Have you been buying anything recently that you think I should try, let me know in the comments






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