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Review: Shiseido White Lucent


This was one of those brands that I had heard of before but it had never crossed my mind to have a look at there counter or try some of their products. I recently entered into one of Davie Lackies twitter competitions two win two of the Shiseido products, to be honest whenever I see any of his products I always enter, for that just incase. It just so happened to be one of those moments and I woke up the next morning to a lovely tweet letting me know I had won. I was so happy and looked forward to receiving the products, when they turned up to my door I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to tear of the packaging and get inside.
The boxes where so nice, its not usually something I comment on but they really made me feel as though I was playing with something expensive, the first thing I pulled out was the thing I was most excited about after looking at the products online. It was the Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream, this stuff is just ah, its amazing. As many of you will already know I am just getting into my skin are playing with new things and looking for new bits and bobs that will help my skin. Eye cream was an area that I hadn’t yet played around with as I have quite sensitive eye areas so was a little concerned about what to go for. Then this little beauty made its way into my life, as usual I have to start with the packaging. To be honest I would have started with that anyway, it has the most gorgeous metallic lilac colours packing and is in such an unusual, pretty shape. It is a 15ml tube which I think is quite big for an eye cream, correct me if I am not mistaken on that one. For 15ml it costs a woping £55, which I personally think is crazy money for an eye cream. If you told me that my favourite foundation was that price I would be like okay yeah that’s fine. But I just can’t handle when its an eye cream.


IMG_2183 But anyway, besides the price. The product the most important part, this cream is so thick and luxurious it honestly makes me super happy. When I first applied it I though it was a little too thick and thought it would take a while to really get into my skin but when I woke up the next morning I was amazed at how my under eyes felt. By about the third or fourth day of using it I could really see the difference in the colour of my under eyes. Its not something I ve ever really touched on here at CharlotteSamantha but I do tend to get bags under my eyes from time to time and this really got them under control. Of course it isn’t  magic it takes a little while for it to actually get under the skin and working but once you have used it for a couple of days you can really see the difference so if you used it for a couple of weeks or months even, it would make the world of a difference. It does have a strong perfumed smell, which I was also a little concerned about with having sensitive under eyes but this has never irritated them at all which I was very surprised at. I apply this morning and evening, I take the spatula that it came with to scoop a small amount onto my ring finger, then I rub this between both ring fingers and dab it into my under eye.

I can defiantly say that this has made my eyes feel 100% better than they have done in the past. This is going to be a great eye cream to take on holiday to keep your under eyes hydrated from the sun. Keep an eye out on the blog next week for the other Shiseido product I got. Have you tried any of them, which would you recommend?






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