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Why I’m All For Autumn

1. The weather gets colder so it means I get to hide under layers and layers of clothes. Allowing me to stuff my face with as much as I want. You need another layer of fat when it gets cold right?

2. Similar to my last point jumper dont hug you, they can hang over bits that you dont want that all important first date to see!

3. Candles, enough said.

4. Dark colours. I mean I wear these all year round but it seems more acceptable in the Autumn.

5. Halloween, I dont like halloween but it means time to play with make-up. Which you all know I love.

6. Cold, crisp morning. These something about these that I just love, as long as I’m not leaving the house of course.

7. Hot chocolates, big cups off coffee and jugs of tea. You’ve got to have something to keep you warm.

8. Why did I leave Christmas till number 8. It should really bit a little closer to the top. I love everything about it, the planning, the decor. EVERYTHING.

9. Yellow, red, brown leaves. I know I’m strange.

10. Cosy nights in front of a movie with blankets and all of the above.




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