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REVIEW: Sammy Dress Brush Roll *

Sammy Dress Sammy Dress make up brush roll Sammy dress make-up brush roll

I’m one of those people who find a good brush and use to death, then purchase the same one. The circle goes on and on from there. However I do like to find those cheaper alternatives especially when your card is getting close to the minus mark. We have all been there I am sure and still feel the need to buy that one beauty item that you really do ‘need’. So when the lovely Belle from Sammys Dress contacted me to ask if would like to get something from there website I was thrilled to find that they sold make up brush sets.

I have to say I did find it really,really hard to find an item that was actually in stock. But I finally found a set of brushes that was in stock that I would be able to try. The one I choose came in a brush roll with brushes. I was a little dubious about what the quality of the brushes where like considering how many there was in the roll and when looking at the price.$13.07 for a roll with 32 brushes in was a little crazy too me. They arrived in around a week, which isn’t too bad considering it is an American website.

The first thing I did when I got them was to see how soft all the brushes where, I have to say the majority where pretty soft with the odd exception of a few of the eyeshadow brushes which where that little bit harsh, but with a little bit of playing around with the bristles they seemed to soften up a little. I also tested how strong the bristles where in the brush, there is nothing worse than finishing off your make up and finding half of the brushes hairs around your face. Most of the brushes seemed to be holding up pretty well, there was only one or two that the hairs fell out a little.

sammy dress make up brush toll Sammy Dress Make-Up Brush Roll IMG_3205

The set came with a real mix of face and eye brushes, which personally I love as I think sometimes you can find that sets either have face or eye brushes in rather than a mix. You got ten face brushes (or ones that I would personally use on my face) and twenty-two eye brushes (including eye brow brushed). Amazing right? I can hear you all wanting to know what type of brushes they are. Hold your horses, gosh I am so funny. I am joking, honestly. You get two fan brushes, I like to use these for highlighter. This way you don’t look like you’ve just stepped out of a glitter factory. Then there are four fluffy face brushes, ranging from small to large. These will be perfect for blusher, contour and powder. You get one ‘traditional’ foundation brush, I say traditional because now people use all kinds of brushes for their foundation. But this is the stereotypical flat, straight dense brush. It when starts to go into eye brushes, but I personally will be using two of the larger ones for concealer. Great for making straight lines near the lips or eyes. Then we are fully into the eye brushes, one thing I will say about the eyeshadow brushes is that there doesn’t seem to a fluffy one. The kind you would use to blend all of your eyeshadow in. Although, the ones that are in the roll are perfect for things such as applying precise colour, colour all over the lid or using wet to create a very bold eye. A quick run down on all that you get, six flat brushes, two round, four angled, four smaller flat, two eyeliner, three sponge, one eyebrow and one eyelash. So you really do get a good mix for the eyes. For me this is great as I play around with make-up all the time so it makes it that little bit easier to have lots of eyeshadow brushes without having to clean them before applying every different colour.

Sammy Dress MAkeup brush roll Sammy Dress Makeup Brush roll Sammy dress make-up brush roll Sammy Dress Make Up Brush Roll

These are a great set of brushes, especially for people just starting out in make-up, just make sure you are aware that some do lose the hairs. I have been using them for around a week now and really have loved testing them out. For the price and the time they took to come I would 100% suggest to get them. One thing to look out for is the items being in stock. I found that a couple of times when I was asking about certain products Belle was getting back to me to say that they weren’t in stock. To find more amazing products click here!





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