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REVIEW: Personalised Phone Case

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When I scroll through Instgram, Twitter and Pinterest everything that jumps out to me is covered in marble. Lets face it, its not real marble so I thought why not grab myself a little bit of this fun and pop it on the back of my phone. Give it a little bit of a jazzing up and protect it whilst I’m on. When the gorgeous Emma from Go Customized got in touch with me about working with there company I couldn’t wait to get involved! I was on the look out for a new phone case anyway so I knew that this would be fun. For those of you who have never heard of Go Customized they are a website that speicalise in customizing your very own cases, you can personalize phone cases, ipod cases and they have all different makes on there too! What really jumped out to me was that I could design my own phone case, this was something that I new I would enjoy and to be honest I messed around with so many different designs. There website is so easy to navigate and it makes customizing your case that much easier than others I have tried in the past.

I had photos of me and Alex on there, I had a photo of my dog Arthur and then I remembered just how much I wanted something with marble on it. So I popped over to pinterest searching for marble and found the photo that I wanted. I saved it onto my computer and then popped it into the Go Customized website and it was that simple! There are so many different types of cases too, so if you would rather have a leather one that covers the front of your phone too, or a simple hard plastic one like I have. They are perfect. I have to say as well, I have dropped my phone a few times and was worried that the plastic may break, but it is still in once piece and my phone is a lot better than it would have been without the case on. So what are you doing still reading this, head over to Go Customized and start designing your own case!






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