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Dear Daughter: Book Review

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If you have read one of my recent post you will know that I am trying to read a lot more over the summer, for many different reasons but one of the main reasons is that I am purely enjoying it. Theres nothing like starting a new book, getting hooked on it to the point where you can’t put it down and you carry it everywhere with you. Which in turns means you’ve got to read it a lot faster because that book that you are reading just happens to be one of the biggest books you have ever owner. Finally that feeling when you turn the last page of an amazing book. Not forgetting the smell whilst your reading and the copious amounts of baths you’ve go to have as an excuse to keep reading. I have recently just finished reading Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little, I’ve never heard of this author before but if I come across any of her other books I will definitely be sure to pick it up, what a read.

Now if your’e a fan of Gone Girl then you will be a fan off this, its that same genre and the same feeling when you end a chapter and just feel like you need to keep going. The front of the book has a quote from Glamour where they describe the book as a ‘Gone Girl meets Mean Girls’ I kinda get where there coming from with this at it is a very glamours book, but I wouldn’t let the part about Mean Girls put you off if your not a fan of that movie. Although you know it is Mean Girls that where talking about, a guilty pleasure that I’m sure we share at some point. Another thing I really love about this book is the way that it is set out, without spoiling anything at the end of each chapter you get a little snippet out of something else, wether it is a text message, new report etc. I think its that that makes me want to keep going with the next part of the book. Heres the blurb just so you can get an insight of what the book is about without spoiling anything.

‘Hollywood It Girl Janie Jenkins has it all. 

The looks, the brains, the money, the fame.

Oh, and the murder conviction – for killing her mother.

Out of jail and on the run, she’s determined to prove her innocence and find out what really happened the night her mother died.

The only problem?

Janie’s not totally sure that she is innocent…’

Have I sold you yet?





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