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What To Do Over Christmas #14



I hear a lot of people say they find that over the Christmas holidays they get really bored and dont know what to do once they have finished lusting over their new presents. Here’s a five step guide for all your boredies out there who need a little kick up the butt to make you have some fun over Christmas.

1. Spending time with family and friends is one of my favorite things to do over Christmas. If we are all sat watching a movie together, sitting at the table enjoying a home-made meal or out and about spending time together. So get your family and friends together and think of something that you will all enjoy doing.

2.Playing games, as a family we all like to play old tradtional games such as cludo, frustration etc. Its something that we love to do and this Christmas we are spending Chritsmas Eve playing games together so that we can really bond as a family. If youre not the kind of family who like to play traditional games you can always invest in some games for the Wii that all the family can play. I know we have a Sonic the Hedehoge Olympic game that we love to play and challenge each other.

3. Get yourself out. It may just be walk or an activity that you love to do. For example I love ice skating and bowling and christmas and make sure that I at least do one of these every year at Christmas.

4.Cooking. or baking which ever you prefer. If your going to be having family and friends round there gunna get hungry. So get cooking your favorite festive recipies!

5.Relax. Run yourself a nice hot bubble bath and chill. Grab yourself a book and just think about all the fun things youve done this Christmas!

What do you like to do over Christmas?




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