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Christmas Favorites #13


I know I wrote a winter favorites not that long ago, but I wanted to tell you all the reasons why I love Christmas. For me Christmas is a time that all my family get together, my brothers come home and spend a week or so here and its a time that we really get to bond as a family. I know when I was little it was of course all about getting the presents and the butterfly’s I would have in my stomach on Christmas Eve when I went to bed. But now its more of a time of giving presents and making the most of the time we have together. There are some materialistic things that I want to show you but really for me it is all about spending time with people who you really do love. (Que the sop!)

One of my favorite things about Christmas is being able to cook for everyone, on the week of Christmas I like to bake/cook lots of different treats as we always have lots of people coming round to visit, and if they dont come to us we go to them. So its always nice to have a little something to take round to sit and have a coffee or festive drinks with. Now where talking about drinks, I have to tell you about my FAVORITE drink around this time of year. If your under 18 im sorry but this one isnt for you but for all you legal people out their it is of course Baileys. I think Baileys is something your going to either love or hate and for me we have an amazing relationship. There is something about the creamy, harshness of the drink that warms me up during this time. And of course I wouldnt be able to enjoy this without a tube of chocolates. I dont really know why but there is something just so satisfying about having a tub of Roses rather than a box of them. My mam wont let me open the Roses yet as they are her favorite but I did however manage to pinch the tub of Quality Street which I like equally. Once ive grabbed my drink and a few sweets I like to sit down with the family and watch my favorite ever Christmas movie which is Elf! I can literally watch and watch this movie without getting one bit bored.

For the make-up lovers out there, I know what comes to my mind when I think of Christmas. SPARKLES! Anything gold, silver, bronze, blue, green. If it sparkles its probably going to make its way onto my face at some point over the festive period. Another given is of course red bold lips, if you dont have a nice red lippie on at some point over the holidays I will be worried. Its my staple go to party look right now. A nice gold eye with bright bold lip, which you can see how I like to style it over here.

Fashion is a biggie this time of year for me. If I dont have something new for Christmas day I will be shocked. Every year I go out on the hunt for my perfect Christmas Day outfit This year Ive bought myself a gorgeous green tartan skirt with a black turtle neck top. Ill pair this with thick tights and some sparkly jewellery for the day. Hats, Scarves and gloves are another given as it is just too cold to get out the house without these on. So its either a hat, scarf and gloves or spend everyday in the house. (I dont know which I prefer!)

What are your favorite things about Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!




  • leah

    I loved reading this post and now I’m definitely in the Christmas spirit! I love spending time with my family too at Christmas and I love sparkles! Especially if I get a sparkly new dress, haha! Great post 🙂 x

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