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Nutella & Cinnamon Sugar Muffins #15

muffin cover

I was scrolling through some blog posts that I had book marked and found this amazing recipie up on The Lovecats Inc (A.K.A Helen) blog and totally knew I had to make it now! When I had previously read this post I was shocked at how simple but delicious it looked and knew I wanted to make it one day. Rather than just copying Helens post exactly i thought I would just redirect you to her post which is here.

DSCF2127 DSCF2129 DSCF2130 DSCF2131 DSCF2137

A few little pointers that I found when making these;

  • Dont over mix the batter as Helen says in her post
  • When you mix the cinnamon and sugar together for the topping make sure to scrap the bottom of your bowl before as the cinnamon tends to sink
  • Time your cakes to perfection, otherwhise theyll burn!
  • Dont go overboard on the nutella inside, otherwise it spills out the side of the cake


What cupcake recipe’s have you tried lately? Leave links in the comments!




  • Rachel Marie

    omg these look so heavenly! i absolutely love the combo of cinnamon, sugar and nutella *heart eyes emoji*

  • Aline

    oh god, I should NOT have seen this while at work. I’m SO hungry and these look so yummy!!!

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