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I have a review/ comparison post today about two gel nail products, they are both by the same company Sensationail but both have their own positives and negatives. Above you can see the two products, the first is the original Sensational kit which for the starter kit works out at around £70 and then each individual nail varnish retails for £15. There is then the Fuse kits which is their newest product, for the Fuse kit it costs £35 and then again £15 for each nail varnish.  In both kits you get a cleanser, led light, nail file, nail stick and a nail varnish. However, in the original Sensationail kit you also get a nail primer and base/top coat and the led light is for the whole hand rather than just one finger at a time.


First I want to discuss the original product, I love the colour range in this product as there are so many more to choose from! I love the lilac colour I got and think it looks great this summer. When I opened this product I felt overwhelmed by all the contents and thought I was going to struggle applying it but once you read the simple step by step guide you will have no problem. One thing that I really love about this one is that you can do all your nails on one hand then put them under the light which speeds up the process that little bit more. The nail varnish is a little bit thicker but not too much than a normal nail varnish that it makes it hard to apply. I found that the gel nail varnish would stay on for about a week with no chips and then start to get small chips in areas but nothing too noticeable, which I think is great for a do it yourself gel kit!
Im not going to go through all the steps you need to go throught but if anyone would like to see that, just leave a comment down below and ill be sure to do a full step by step guide to how I find it easy to apply.




Now onto the Fuse kits, I didn’t feel as overwhelmed when I looked at this one as I didn’t think it looked complicated but I actually found this one more difficult to apply than the original. With this kit you have to do one nail at a time which I found a hassle as it takes so long to apply to all nails. I didn’t find this too much of an issue though as I like to spend time doing my nails so enjoyed it. I found that the texture of this nail varnish was a lot thicker than any other I had tried, so when applying it I had to really be careful making sure I only applied a thin coat. Because of this I found that it seemed to clump round the edges of my nails which doesn’t look pretty (see the picture below). I loved the colours that I was sent but found that with some the colour on the actual bottle didn’t reflect the true colour of the product, for example Lightening Jolt looked like a gorgeous purple sparkly colour but when I actually took off the lid to look at it, it was just a pure glitter colour. Which I do still like but was disappointed that it wasn’t the colour that was on the bottle. I found that this stayed on my nails for around a week but near the end of the week it would start to peel and chip, I don’t know if this is because it was so thick round the edges of my nails.



Overall, I definitely preferred the original Sensationail kit but that’s only my opinion! I would definitely re-purchase this, I didn’t the hate the fuse kit I think there are definitely perks but personally I preferred using the Sensationail kit.



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