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Guest Post: Fall Must Haves


Today you have a post from the lovely Linda at Boston Beauty Buzz, her blog is all about beauty! Go check her out!


Hey Beauty Bees,
Yesterday was the first day of Fall and I am more than estatic for this season. It being my favorite one, Fall brings so many new styles and products. In this post I will be talking about my Top 5 must haves for this upcoming season.

Sweaters, Leggings and Boots

1. Sweaters. Leggings. Boots. Oh My!!
My Fashion Holy Trinity is, has been and forever will be cozy sweaters, plain or printed leggings and any type of boots. Sweaters are awesome because you can wear more fitted types or looser baggier ones that look awesome over top your leggings. My choice of bottom has become a staple in most girls wardrobes since there are just so many options. Plain, colored, printed and detailed are some of many types. Now when is an easier time to slip on those boots when you are wearing leggings. Riding boots, combat boots, heeled/wedged booties and over the knee boots all have there place in my collection and are my choice of footwear during Fall as they are so
comfortable. Another great reason is that no matter what type of outfit you have chosen for that day, there will always be a pair of boots that will match.

Eos Lip Balm

2. Lip Balms
With the weather becoming colder, it decides to declare war against my lips so I need to defend. Lips Balms are a huge must have of mine and currently I have 16 in my collection, although up until next Spring that number will grow dramatically. I have lip balms from many different brands; EOS, Maybelline Babylips and Revlon Balm Stains being my favourite. I love both regular and tinted lip balms, it all just depends on the day and type of makeup look I am going for.


Fall Scarfs

3. Scarves, Scarves and more Scarves
Scarves are my favorite accessory out of them all.They are pratical by helping you stay warm as well as just looking great. It feels so natural for me to throw on a scarf on my way out the door like I would grab my purse and put on shoes. There has been many days where I will be out and I feel naked if I am not wearing one. Out of all the materials I have owned, thick wool infinity scarves are always the best.



4. Pumpkin Flavored Treats
Now I may sound like the typical Starbucks girl here but I can not help it. I love pumpkin spice lattes. Actually, I love pumpkin spice ANYTHING. Ever since I was very young I always enjoyed treats like pumpkin pie or cookies. To me its not only the taste, but the scent of it that just puts me in a very festive yet relaxed feel. That is also why I love pumpkin or spiced scented candles so much. Ahem….Bath and Body works.



5.  Muted and Deeper Nail Colors
Now my final must have is the nail color I love for fall. This season there are two different trends and I can not choose between them so I have been switching back and forth. Muted colored nails are such a statement now adays; to me it just looks so polished and clean. On the other hand, deeper colors like purple, red and blue are so stylish and look great on everybody. Also my favorite color is purple so I pretty much buy every purple polish I find.

What are you must haves for this Fall season? Leave a comment below letting us know.
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