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I always think that having a goal in mind brings you the best possible outcomes, its not something that you can be silly about though. These things must be put into the right context, theres no point pushing yourself to something that isn’t achievable. You can always set yourself another goal once you’ve hit your first one, which is what I have in mind. I set goals for everything but my main goal at the moment is with my fitness, not only in weight but also in how my clothes fit, in toning up and also in making my skin a lot better. I wouldn’t say that my main goal is for my weight but is certainly one that i look at every week. To start off with I think you’ve got to think of where you need to be a year from today, what would you ideal weight be or how toned you’d be etc. It doesn’t matter what your goal is for think of it from a years time. Now you’ve got to look at it realistically and think about what you can achieve in a couple of months, this will help you work towards it rather than trying to get to something that will take you a certain length of time. Another thing that I like to do is give myself rewards once I’ve hit that goal, something that will really keep you focused. I am in the need of some new make-up brushes and really want to get the Zooeva rose gold set, I have told myself that once I hit my goal I can buy myself them, I also set mini treats in-between so for instance when I’m half way there I can go out for a fancy meal. These little things seem to help keep me motivated and keep me focused on the end result. How do you stick to your goals?





  • Sylvia

    Very inspirational <3 It is so important to give yourself little rewards now and then to keep you going! I'm kind of a goal freak and just keep a large list so I tend to be all over the place haha. But, once I'm determined there's really nothing that can stop me! You seem the same exact way 🙂
    She Will Be

    • Charlotte Samantha

      I really am, I think it helps to keep you going a little something to look towards! xx

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