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Sunday Summary



You may be wondering where I have been all this time, or you may just have forgotten all about this little space of mine on the internet. For the past two weeks Ive been a little MIA! I havent posted in two weeks. For me I cant believe how quick the last two weeks have gone but it seems like forever ago when I last wrote my little bit to put up on the internet. For the past two weeks I have started my new job properly, by that I mean I havent been in training anymore, I am not full time doing my job. Which of course has been crazy stressfull to say the least. I have so much more to learn but thought by giving my self a little break from my little spot here, it would make me feel a little less stressed. But here I am back with a bang, Ive changed my blogging schedule a little and have decided for now that Ill only be posting 4 times a week, which should usually be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Just until I have made the time to blog for the full week again.




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