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Moving Home: Packing Up

New Home

Packing up 20 years of life into small boxes is something I never thought would be so hard. There are things I’ve kept over the years that have meant so much to me but when it came to picking one thing over the other they seem to lose a little of the memory as I knew I couldn’t pack everything up with me. One thing I would advise is that if there are things that you really have a strong memory with but don’t really want to take it with you, get yourself a box and feel that with things are special. Then you can ask if you can keep that at your family home in the loft or somewhere that it isn’t in the way. My five top tips would be:

1. Get yourself everything you’ll need, boxes, bubble wrap, tape, a marker.

2. Sort your stuff out into sections: Kitchen, Bathroom and mark these on the boxes. That way once your moved in if you are sorting it a room at a time you know which box you need to go into rather than going through them all.

3. When you are packing your boxes up, throw things out that you either don’t think you’ll use or things that you will end up throwing out once you get in the flat. This saves soo much time.

4. If your moving into a small space empty out as much as you can once your in there a room at  a time. This way you know what you’ve got to put away. Without putting things away then having to move things around when you find something else you forgot you had.

5.Get a big van that you can fit the majority of your stuff in. If you can’t fit it into one trip then allow yourself one more. This then shows you really how much stuff you have when you get there.




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