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Models Own Chrome

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After hearing all about the new chrome nail polishes from Models Own I had to try one out for myself. I’ve heard mixed review from people, some saying they love them and some saying they hate them. For me its a little bit of a mixture. Models Own have come up with 10 different coloured chrome nail polishes, which are given the name liquid metals. I love the idea behind the polish and think that some colour will work better than others.


I picked up the colour Chrome Pink, which is a true pink metal colour. The bottle’s themselves are amazing, I love the fact that the bottle actually reflects the nail polish. I love the colour, and the way that it looks on the nails. However, the downfall for me is the application. I found this nail polish very runny, it seemed a lot wetter than others I have used from Models Own. Also when I applied it I found it gave a funny look to the nails when you applied it, as it would go different colours in certain areas depending on where it was applied. This may be just the way I apply the nail polish which is causing to do this, but for some reason it seemed to apply streaky. Which really bugs me with nail polish, I’m not too sure why?! A part from that I loved the colour and think it looked amazing on the nails! I think I will probably try another one of their colours just incase it is the colour and this particular product which was maybe a little too watery.

Have you tried any of them yet? What do you think?




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