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Kiko heaven

IMG_0979IMG_0976Kiko was one of those brands that I had been desperate to try for months! I lusted over their website and knew exactly what I wanted to buy as soon as I found a shop. With my little trip down to Leeds with Alex last weekend I got excited at the prospect of getting into the Kiko store and being in heaven. As soon as we got there it was the first place I wanted to go, I was like an excited kid in a sweet shop! Theres nothing wrong with that right?! I have to say I did feel a little overwhelmed by it all once I got inside. The amount of make-up on display was insane. In a good way of course! But I just kinda felt a little bit lost. I didnt know where to begin or what to pick up first. The girls where all super helpful and made sure that I knew if I wanted a hand with anything they where there to help me. Im the kinda gal who likes to wonder around make-up shops on her own and find things on my own. But I knew if I did want any help they would be there for me. Now onto what I actually picked up.

IMG_0999 IMG_1036The first place I headed was the eyeshadow section of the store. I had heard from lots of people how good the Water Eyeshadows where so of course I knew I had to pick up at least one. The first one I spotted was a dark blue shimmery shade. I tested it on the back of my hand and immediately fell in love. It was in the shade 215, a kinda navy/dark blue shade which I knew would look amazing on the eyes. The metallic/wet finish to the shadows is what really drew me to them. This was the only one I picked up on our first trip into Kiko but after using it for our night out I headed straight back the next day and picked up another three. The first one was a creamy, beige colour which I knew would look amazing as an inner eye highlight as these shadows are so shimmery, this was in the shade 227. The other two I got where 212 which was a true green colour and the other in the shade 225 which was a very light blue. The other thing I really love about these shadows is the presentation the swirly design makes me want to look at them for such a long time. Of course as well the longevity, I wore the dark blue as I said on our night out and it lasted all night without smudging down my face.

IMG_0995When I immediately walked into the store I was greeted with the current new line of products which of course I couldn’t not pick something up. The latest collection is Generation Next which is a cool kind of futuristic range. The illuminating powder was the first to gain my attention. The amazing mosaic pattern built up off purple, turquoise,orange, pink and pale yellow did something that no make-up has done to me before. This was in the shade 01 Future Light. It creates an amazing shimmery glow to the skin without being too much. The other item I bought from this range was the Mosaic blush in 03 New Sand Rose, another mosaic pattern built up off, a range of pinks and a dark red. Which gives a gorgeous natural flush to the face.IMG_0983 IMG_0984 IMG_1034

The last products where all lip related. When I walked over to the corner of the shop filled with lip products I was in my element! Rows and rows of absolutely gorgeous colours and amazing packaging. Of course I couldn’t walk out the shop without picking up one of the amazing lipsticks encased inside rose gold! The other thing that amazed me was the way in which you pushed down on the top of the lipstick to allow the lipstick to drop down. Simple things people, simple things. I picked mine up in this bright orange shade in 604. It is going to be amazing for the spring and summer. Keep an eye out for this creeping into one of my favourites which I’m sure it will. The other I picked up was in a dark berry shade (914) I know I’m obsessed but its just my colour guys! I cant do without it. The other two are both lip liners, which isn’t something that I regularly buy but I know that when you apply a lip liner it can make the lip look so much better, so of course I want to give more a try. The first I picked up was 711 a dark purple colour which matches with the lipstick I got. The other was in a dark muted brown colour shade 700.

Have you bought anything from Kiko? What do you think?




  • Sarah Smiles

    I have wanted to do a Kiko haul for so long, they look like such great products and I definitely need to purchase some bits from them soon! 🙂

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    • Charlotte Samantha

      You really should! They are so good, next time I get a chance to get some of their products I want to try some of their foundations etc! xx

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