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Review: Loreal Infallible Matte Foundation

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There has been such a divided opinion of this foundation, some love it some are totally haters. For me Ive found my true love. A foundation that is pretty thin, but has enough coverage to cover the bits that I like to hide away. I dont have the worst skin, but I do have my problems like we all do. The foundation is the Loreal Pairs InfallibleĀ Matte Foundation, I have tried the normal one and loved so when I saw this I knew I had to put it to the test. Let me tell you about my skin type first, I tend to get quite a few spots. I don’t have acne or anything like that but I do have spots that can get quite red and inflamed. If you have read any of my posts in the past you will know I have struggled to get to grips with my skin type, unsure of what type of skin I actually have. But I think I have finally found how to stay in control of my oily T zone whilst also getting enough moisture into the bits that are a little bit dry. Whilst having an oily T zone I like to get a matte finish but I don’t like anything too drying due to the dry patches I have.

Number one for me when looking at a new product is always to look at the packaging. To be honest I think I can be pretty picky when it comes to foundation packaging. I don’t like anything too simple which can make it look cheap and child like but I also don’t like anything too fancy. I like to be able to either pump out the product or squeeze it out. If I’ve got to pour it out onto my hand chances are that I’m not going to like it. This foundation comes in a squeezy tube which if im honest, I quite like. It makes it so easy to squeeze out the correct amount of foundation without wasting lots. Lets face it who likes to waste foundation, non of us right? The look of the product isn’t anything special, I wouldn’t say I love it or hate its just average.

Onto the actual product, I like it, well more than like it I love it. When I first got it I was worried that it would be too matteifying, but in fact it is just the right amount. It allows the oily parts of my skin too look a little more normal but doesn’t cling to the dry patches. I’ve found if you apply a brightening primer before hand it helps to make sure that it doesn’t cling. I like a high coverage foundation, something to cover those inflamed spots. When I first put this onto the back of my hand I was worried at how light and watery the product was thinking that it wouldn’t cover the areas that I wanted it too. But in fact it covered all areas of my face I needed it too without feeling too thick on my face. Win Win for me! If you like a foundation to feel thick on your face then definitely don’t get this one, but if you like a high coverage for a few problem areas you have then give it a go! I have to be honest with you and let you know I still do put concealer on areas that don’t get covered but for the majority of my problems I feel as though it covers well enough. For the longevity of this foundation I found it to be pretty good. I put this on in the morning and find that it lasts until I get home on a night, it doesn’t seem to wear off and I feel as though it stays put.

All in all I will 100% re-purchase this foundation, it’s a great one for everyday make-up for work or weekend when you don’t want to wear anything too thick.
Have you tried this foundation? What do you think?




  • Emmys Blog

    I recently reviewed this too and i have to say i hated it šŸ™ i found the coverage wasn’t full coverage even when i builded it up. X
    Emma | Emmys Blog

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