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BornPrettyMakeUpStore BornPrettyBrushes are something that you should all know I love. But I like to try find cheaper alternatives as they can be so expensive sometimes. I’m all for finding something that works the same as the ones that you spend more ££ on. I found some amazing eye brush alternatives on Born Pretty Store. This store does lots of different sets for all different purposes, so if there is something in-particular you are looking for you will probably find it on here. They stock lots of dupes of more expensive brushes like the real techniques, mac etc. I was kindly gifted a set of their eye brushes, which was $4.63 for 8 brushes. That is crazy cheap!! Within the set you get 2 fluffy blending brushes, 3 rounded smaller brushes, 1 small flat top brush and 2 small eye liner brushes.

BornPrettyStoreMakeUp BornPrettyStoreThe quality of the brushes are the best I have found yet. All super soft, no fall out of the bristles and all super handy when it comes to your everyday make-up look. I love the range that you are given within this set, I think it would work amazingly for a first timer in make-up who are looking for a set of brushes that will work for an everyday look. One thing that I have found with some of the cheaper brushes is that the handles tend to fall off the head of the brush. After using these for the last few weeks and washing them they seemed to have pasted the test with flying colours.

BornPrettyMakeUpReviewI was also sent their Brush Cleaning Egg, which is pretty much a small brush cleansing glove. The idea behind this is that when you’re washing your brushes you can rub them against the two different textures too allow the brushes to be totally cleansed. If I’m honest I don’t think I will use this too often, it is great for bigger brushes. But I didn’t really find it too helpful for the smaller brushes. However if you’re like me and leave all your brushes till one day to clean your hand can get pretty sore so this can come in handy! This was $3.56 so still not too expensive if you are thinking about giving it a try.

To make this even better for you I have a 10% off code RIDH10 which makes this shopping trip that little bit better for yourself! Go and treat yourself to some beauty items!





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