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Rose Gold


What is it with rose gold/ copper that everyone is loving right now? There’s just something about the coppery tones that makes me feel all fuzzy inside, makes me feel like I need it, whatever it may be, I have to buy it. Im sure Im not the only one that this has happened too and to be honest Im glad that Ive jumped onto the band wagon with it all because I am loving it. It has brought that little something to my room that it needed. Since I had opted for the plain white look, I knew I needed something to spruce up the look a little and this has certainly done just that. Its still not fully there and of course if I am out and about and see anything else with the coppery tones that we are all loving Im sure Ill pop it into my basket. But these are the few bits that I have got so far and I am completely in love with.

IMG_2113 IMG_2116 IMG_2124 IMG_2123 IMG_2125




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