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Sunday Summary #13

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Happy Fathers Day to all the great fathers out there, especially to my old man!

You are probably all asking where I have been? Well to be honest I haven’t been anywhere. Do you never just get those days when all you wanna do is your own thing. Keep up to date with life and then just chill. Well thats exactly what I needed just a little time away. Im back more than ever this week though and have a couple of weeks all scheduled up and ready to go which puts me in a much better place.

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This week I had a few days off work, which has been super chilled. I haven’t really got up to anything much, holiday shopped a lot. We have been all over the place with where we wanna go, when we wanna go and what kinda thing we wanna do. But I think we are now settled on going away in October, to Greece. We have been so up in the air with when we both have time off together etc, which has meant that it has had to be put back until October, but at least we are still getting away which is the main thing! I have also started my Beauty Therapy and Make-up Artist level 3 course, which I am doing online with the Open Study College. Since leaving uni last year and starting my new job I have felt as though I want to do something that I really want to do . Not just something that I am doing because I need the money or because I feel like thats what people expect of me but what I honestly want to do. I did a lot of research and a lot of deciding if it would be the right thing for me then I plucked up the courage and pressed the confirm button not I am half way through my first assignment and loving it. So a part from that really its just been a lot of relaxing getting lots and lots of blog photos taken and spending time with Alex and the fam. Which for me is one of the most important things to do. I look forward to what this next week brings hopefully finally booking up for the holiday! I will keep you posted don’t freight! Have a lovely week gorgeous






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