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2014 in Skincare

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2014 was a year of beginning to love skincare. I was dragged from a make-up wipe girl to a cleansing girl and all the other goodies where brought with it.  Now I love skin care as much as the next girl, although I’m still a newbie at it and once I find something I love ive stuck with it. My skin has changed so much over the course of the year and as a newbie to the whole skin malarkey I’ve struggled keeping up with it changing pattern! Do you find it hard to know when you need to start chasing up your products? If you have any tips of how you know when to change up then hola at me girl! I started off with very oily skin which I was really struggling to manage, then I started to get the hang of controlling the oil and BAM. My skin changed to becoming very dry! What on earth did I do wrong!? Turns out the whether started to change and my skin was after moisture. I had a little look around on the web to find out what products I needed to start using and started to use them. Some made my skin break out, others brought the oil back, in the end I was getting so annoyed with all the products I was trying and hating that I turned back to make-up wipes for a while. But of course this only made my skin get worse than it was. I was back to square one. Now ive found that I the items I need with a few that are changing. But these have been my favorites of 2014 and have helped my skin out the most.

One of the two items that I have been using non stop this year is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. I started using this last January after hearing it helped lots of people out with spots. I was suffering from spots and thought why not give this a go. I was unsure to start with I couldnt really see a difference, I was using it as my night time moisturiser but couldnt see a change in my spots. After a couple of weeks using it I started to use a smaller amount but not as a moisturiser but as a treatment. This really helped my skin, I found within a couple of weeks the spots I was getting where going much quicker! Once they had pretty much gone I stopped using it and slowly the spot creeped back up on my face, so I started using it again and although Ive had spots since they have been no where near as bad as they where! Hallelujah!
Another product I have been loving throughout 2014 is Sudocrem. Not a traditional skincare item for everyones draw but for me its a life savior. Not only did I use it in Turkey when I may have fell asleep in the sun but it is amazing on those big inflamed spots that seem to sit on your face right before an important day! If you dont suffer from this then girl, pray it never happens! By applying a small amount of sudocrem over the spot, dont rub it in just let it sit on top. I know your thinking that must be so attractive, it dont matter! Your going to sleep and when you wake up that big spot will be half the size, i promise. It my go to for getting rid of big spots quick!

Once I was out of the oily stage and needed something that was going to keep me hydrated without causing the oil to come back I found the Clinique Moisture Surge. This amazing little bottle isnt the cheapest skincare item I own but it really has kept my skin hydrated without the oil creeping back. Hydraluron was everywhere at one stage this year and I was worried about buying it due to the fact other things that I had used to really hydrate your skin had made the oil come back. But I gave it ago after reading lots of good reviews. I made the mistake of putting this on every morning under my moisturiser and my face got a little too hydrated, so I started to put this on every other morning. Or when my face was feeling particularly dry. This helped so much, as there where days that my face would become so dry and my foundation would cling to all the dry spots. This really did save those embarrassing days.

Another thing I was really conscious about when I was applying my make up in the morning was the size of my pores. Id never noticed before but they seemed really big. I then put two and two together and realised that this was why my skin was becoming so oily. I did my bit of research and found that this was in fact where the oil was coming from and many resources advised that I use a toner after cleansing my face to help minimize the size of the pores. I started off using a Simple toner and couldnt really see much of a difference although it did feel as though it was tightening my face which in effect I thought was my pore becoming smaller. However I looked a little more into it and found a toner by La Roche Posay, again part of the Effaclar range which as called a Clarifying Toner. It claimed to mattifie the skin and tighten pores. I was so happy with how the other Effaclar product was using I gave it ago and fell in love. My pores are so much smaller now I no longer thin about them when I put on my make-up, I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is worried about the size of their pores.

Something that you probably wont know is that I had a small operation in 2014. I’d had a cist on my face since I was about 11 and wasnt really that bothered about it. To cut the long story short it started to get bigger and bigger, it bruised and became very red and sore. I went to the doctors and they recommended that I got it removed as it was infected. I went under the knife I got it removed which of course left a scar on my face. I hated the idea of having a scar on my face but the sergeon told me that if i massaged it well each day that it would pretty much dissapear and you woudlnt be able to see it much. This is where the product steps in I got Bio Oil as id heard it was the best for scars and started to rub this into my scar three times a day. This helped so much with the scaring and you can bearly see it now. If you feel self conscious about a scar definitly get yourself some bio oil and start to massage it!
The last item isnt much of a skin care item but I thought id include it hear as I use this during my skincare routine. I get really chapped lips and find that lipstick clings to the rough parts. Id tried suing Vaseline and other lip products but nothing would really help them. Until I found this Elizabeth Arden Intensive Lip Repair balm. This stuff does amazing things. I apply this before I go to bed and wake up with silky smooth lips. A must for anyone with dry lips.

What where your favorite skincare items of 2014? Leave them below, im up for playing with new bits this year!




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