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REVIEW: Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude

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After so much hype all over the internet and in all the magazines I had to pick up this new foundation. I was a little more intrigued by the concept of the application if I’m honest. I bought my Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation in the shade 10 Ivory, which is a light shade the lightest I could find when I was buying it. If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it, I am only joking. But seriously if you haven’t heard of it basically its a foundation which is applied with a stick which is stuck onto the lid with a ball like applicator on the end. You are supposed to let the foundation drop off the applicator onto your finger and then apply it onto your skin using your fingers. I know a lot of people are all for using your fingers to apply foundation but I just don’t like it. Im the kinda gal who likes a high coverage so for me this is a little bit of  a strange concept. Non the less I gave it ago and I honestly didn’t like it, I was upset that id bought something that I really didn’t like and threw it in the draw.


A few days passed and I decided to give it another go, I must have been in a good mood. I decided this time I would put it on my foundation brush and see how it applied using a brush. At first I was still a little like where on earth has the foundation gone but once I started applying it, I found it amazing. For me its the way it feels on your skin. It is so light but still covers what you need covering and also gives you a kind of no make-up make-up look that will look amazing in the summer.

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This foundation claims too be a fluid touch foundation which evens and perfects the skin with complete natural looking coverage. I actually can agree with this now I have used it with a brush, it honestly doesn’t feel like your applying foundation and react does give a natural finish. Although I did have to apply concealer on my imperfections but I always will, so I can’t really use that as a downfall for the foundation. It also claims to be ultra-thin, fluid-touch formula. I can completely agree with this one as it goes into a powdery feeling once you have applied which makes it feel seriously thin.

Normally I start with the packaging when reviewing packages but as I was more into the actually foundation I have kept this to last. The bottle isn’t anything amazing but I also don’t mind it, the dropper is a little bit strange when you first start to use it but it is definitely something that you get used to after a while.

Overall I will probably use all the product but I’m not 100% sure if I will buy it again although I do think it will be amazing for summer.

Have you used this yet, what did you think?




  • Victoria Nightingale

    Love the look and sound of this – the applicator just really bothers me haha! Just looks really annoying to use. But I may give it a chance anyway, because I’ve heard such great things about it.

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