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Pinterest is a thing that I would say I am pretty much obsessed with. Wether it is drooling over the amazing food, wishing I was wearing one of the perfect outfits or had an obsession with stationary which meant my desk looked perfect. I just love it. A good half of my day is spent pinning like crazy, if a like it then it goes onto one of my boards.  Another thing that I like to do is change up the boards and where things are kept, their names etc. I just love it like its my best friend. I suppose in some way it can be my best friend cause it gives me all the ideas I need, inspo and is always there for me when I need something. Whenever I am feeling uninspired or I just want something to look at that will get me motivated I always go here.  I wanted to share my boards with you so you can feel inspired and if you dont pin already then maybe you can get yourself signed up and enjoy the powers of Pinterest too! If you do already have Pinterest leave your names or links in the comments so I can come follow you!


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