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When I first saw this book I though it wouldn’t be for me, although I am a total sucker for girly movies like the notebook etc reading is a little bit different for me. I like to have something a little more gripping, something that is going to keep me on the edge of my seat when I stop reading. I had the movie in the house ready to watch but I’m the kinda gal who likes to read the book before I start watching the movie. This allows me to put my own spin on things, which of course always annoys me when I actually watch the movie and somebody else spin has been put on it. I think its about time I actually tell you the name, although I know you already know as it is in the photos.

The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks, a book that I never thought id love but I have been totally won over.Nicholas Sparks is a writer of lots of romance books such as The Notebook, The Longest Ride, which is next on my list. This book has now been made into a movie so if your not into reading but still like the sound of the story line then you can always give it a watch.

Without spoiling it too much this book is about a young couple who are pretty much forced apart by culture, life and family. No matter how much they love each other they find it too difficult to be together. The split only makes there love grow stronger for each other, many years pass and they finally meet again, but both there lives have totally changed. For the good or the bad? You will have to give it a read/watch to find that out. I don’t want to give away too much.








  • Helen C

    Great blog post. Ooh this book sounds really good! I love the Notebook like you so this book sounds really intriguing. Thanks for the heads up!! 🙂 xx

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