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Motivation is something that I sometimes lack so much that I end up procrastinating so bad. I always have a little bit of motivation in the back of my mind but not quite enough to push me to do what I want to do. It silly really, sometimes its so simple as I want go for a run and I really want to do it. But actually getting that push to put my trainers on and get out the door is something different. I just struggle with the actual push, in my mind I know why I need to do it and why its important to reach my goals that I actually want to achieve.

To try and get over this I have set my self more realistic goals, this pushes myself a little bit harder as I think I could actually achieve it rather than being totally unrealistic with myself. If I am going for a run Im not going to tell myself Ill run a certain amount but I will run as far as I can until I cant go any further. That way my motivation to it is a little higher than if it was to hit a certain target. In the end I can set my self goals that are more manageable once I have got myself into the routine of actually doing it.

Motivation for me comes in so many forms, the decision to get out of bed in the morning and get straight on with the things I need to do rather than sitting for a while. Or the decision of how many blogs post’s Ill write before I get my lunch, once Ive set that in my mind Ill just get up and go for lunch rather than getting what I really need to get done first. It takes a lot to actually get up and do it, and a lot more to say yes I am motivated but once you get in the mind frame you can do it. You can achieve what you set out too.




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