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Healthy Dish #2

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One thing that really stands out to me when I am trying to be healthy is cooking. If I can do something that is going to take twice as long I’m probably not going to do it, unless of course Im in no real hurry and I just want to cook up something tasty. Thats one of my major throw backs, if its quick and easy its probably for me. Ive worked out now that it doesn’t have to be something thrown in the microwave or something that takes me an hour to prep and an hour and a half to cook, it can be simply something that takes me 30 mins all together. Its not taking me ages but I’m also not throwing some processed food into the microwave and taking it out 4 minutes later, of course not string half way through, I mean who does that?

What you need:
Tin of chopped tomatoes
Mixed herbs

How to make: 
First of all I put the Tin of tomatoes, Pasata, mixed herbs, and crushed garlic into a pan and slowly simmered it. While this was simmering I chopped my veg and fried them off before adding to my pan. I kept this on a slow heat whilst heating the prawns. You could grill or bake these if you prefer but for ease and to make it a little quicker I fried mine off in the frying pan and then added them to the sauce. I kept stirring this on a low heat whilst heating the pasta, I used fresh pasta just because I love it but if you’re trying to be super healthy you could always go with some brown pasta. I then drained the pasta and topped with the sauce. Easy Peasy.




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