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Ive always been a little bit susceptible about what Frank would actually be like. Theres something a little funny about it. With all the claims it comes with too, but its one of those things that you cant knock until you try it. On the back of Frank it says that if you do something for him, he’ll do something for you. For all of those wondering exactly what it is I am talking about its Frank the coffee scrub. Something that everyone was raving about last year but it took me until now to actually start using it. There was something just putting me off from rubbing coffee round my body. From an avid coffee drinker its something I thought id never say. But in all honestly I literally think it was the fact of rubbing coffee round your body that was off putting for me.

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It claims too rub away dry, flaky skin with its roasted and ground robusta coffee leaving you feeling soft and smooth. It most certainly does this. Also claiming to cleanse and clarify with brown sugar and sea salt, I must say after using this I do feel as though there is no dirt left on my body at all. It will then soothe, moisture and tone with cold-pressed almond oil. Once you get out of the shower from using this you can really feel the almond oil left on your skin which makes your skin feel amazing! I can honestly say that after using this I can really see that this product really does do what it claims. My skin whilst using it felt cleansed and I could feel the dry skin being removed from my body. After my skin felt so soft and smooth and it was as though I had already moisturised. One thing that I’m not a huge fan of is how long the smell lingers, I don’t mind the smell of coffee but when you wake up the next morning and you can still smell it on your skin. Normally its not the kind of thing I would be complaining about but this smell is a little different. I don’t really want people asking why I smell so strong of coffee, I know I love coffee but not enough to smell of it all day. With a good strong smelling shower gel and a scented moisturiser the smell is gone in no time. But if your going on a date that evening I wouldn’t suggest using this one, maybe leave it for when you get in.


This wouldn’t stop me buying this again, its a great product and I think the packaging really sells it too, the cute little things it has written on the back keeps it fun and entertaining for me. Whilst also doing its purpose, being stored in this bag makes it a lot easier for me too, as I don’t have much room in my bathroom so big tubes don’t sit well with me.

What do you think of coffee scrubs?



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