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October Favourites

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Can you believe that we only have three more of these posts to go (including this one) until we will be entering into the new year! Thats something I simply can’t get my head around. It seems two seconds since last year when I was starting to get in the swing of this whole blogging thing, then of course the habit slipped again. This month a few newbies have entered into my life that really have changed things for the better. Of course I still have those oldies that I just can’t live without but those little beauts will be featuring in the annual yearly favourites that comes in the beginning of the new year. Does anyone else love the new year, gives you a chance to set yourselves goals and start a fresh with things that  may not have been going to plan. Enough of my ramblings on back to the real stuff, the favourites.

On the beauty side of things this month we have a few little gems, first being the Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask which has done wonders for my skin. This claims too purify and refresh the skin in just one minute. The heating effect is suppose to open the pores and drag out dirt from deep down. I’m not 100% sure if it does that but it has really helped to reduce the amount of spots I have at the moment.

Another that I have been loving is the Loreal Infallible Matte foundation, I have used this before then used it all up and started onto a different foundation that I just didn’t love. So I went back to something I trust. I have mine in the shade natural rose which to be honest is a little too dark for me, but it still does the job. This foundation goes on amazingly and doesn’t really feel like you have much makeup though out the day. I have to say if you are wanting something that is going too last all day with no touch ups this isn’t one that you should be going for. I tend to have to touch mine up half way through the day but I dont mind that too much.

If you have read my Autumn Essentials post you will know that I have been loving using the Burts Bees natural lip balm, I have a few of these kicking around different bags and around the flat and I just love them. They stay on the lips for so long and keep them fully hydrated. My favorite scent that I have tried so far is the peppermint, this leaves your lips feeling cool. They also do ones that are tinted which is perfect for this time of year, I am yet to try these ones!!

The last beauty item is something that I believe I have already talked about, which is the Yes To Cucumbers Sensitive Skin Moisturiser, Ive been using this for the past month and have been absolutely loving it. It calms my skin down so much, Ive found I dont have as much redness and it keeps my skin super hydrated.Which is something I want for this time of year!

IMG_3305Tv shows this month has too be the start of Release The Hounds and of course The Apprentice. Both shows I literally look forward too each week. I get myself cosy and set myself up for a night of being glued to the tv, if you want to know my thoughts on both shows get following me over on Twitter.

Of course this past month I have been reading Zoe Suggs new book Girl Online On Tour, I still haven’t finished it but I am really loving it. I know you may think I’m a little old to be reading this but sometimes I like something super easy reading and this certainly is. 100% worth the read.

Don’t worry I wasn’t going to forget the food of the month, I have been all about the roasted vegetables at the moment. There is just something amazingly autumnal about them. Don’t you agree?




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