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Spring: Eye Palettes



Following on from my little Spring Series it would only be right to share with you the palettes that I love using when the weather starts to brighten up. There is also a slight, small, probably huge possibility that I buy some new palettes once some of the new releases for Spring and Summer start to come out. But for the moment from what I have these are the few that I am loving and can’t wait to start using. Although lets face it, out of all us beauty gurus who hasn’t started planning Spring make-up looks since half way through February? I know I have! Keep an eye out on my Instagram feed for a few of these looks which should be going up in the next few weeks. Some selfies just  don’t go well do they?!

IMG_1507 IMG_1512

The first palette I knew I had to pull out when I was thinking about which eyeshadows palettes id be loving was of course the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The absolute perfect palette for Spring, the colours scream out Spring. From light, pale pinks, to shimmery golds, to a few darker pink toned blacks. I have picked out four of my favourite shades from the palettes I have chosen, I really found it hard to pick just four as I love them all. But I ended up going with, Strange which is the lightest palest white shade. This I find perfect for the inner of your eye, it creates a gorgeous highlight for your brow bone too. My second choice was Dust which is an amazing sparkle, it literally reminds me of fairy dust. Well of what I think fairy dust would be like. Next was Buzz which is the brightest sparkly pink shade ever! I love wearing this all over my lid, when I don’t feel like putting too much effort into my eyes. Last is Trick which is a gold sparkle shade amazing for Spring. The one little thing that puts me off this palette a little is that there does tend to be a lot off fall out. If I’m using this palette I like to apply  my eyeshadow first just so I can wipe away any fall-out with ease.

IMG_1509 IMG_1516

I then had to go for my Mac Palette, which is my build able one. I have a few colours in here that I like to wear all year round, but I feel as though I have been reaching for it that little bit more lately. The pigmentation of Mac is amazing and they really do stay on all day long! My first choice was All That Glitters, which Im sure you have all heard of before, but just incase you haven’t. This is an amazing sparkly bronze colour another great one for all over the lid if you are just wanting something a little bit more plain and simple. Next was Nylon another classic and great for layering up with colour, I like to apply this next to a bright colour just to really make the colour pop. Third was Creme De Violet, a bright purple which looks amazing with a white dress abroad. I wore this so much last year when I was away in Turkey, it looks fab with a tan! Last was a little bit of a confusing one for me and thats Sumptious Olive, its a darker colour which I normally wouldn’t go for this time of year but there is something about it that I think would look amazing with a bright outfit and this smoked on the eye.

IMG_1508 IMG_1517

The only drugstore palette I choose which I suppose is a quad not an actual palette like the rest, but I still want to talk about it so lets just pretend it is. This is from NYC, a brand that I don’t use that often but will be using a lot more. Take a look at how pigmented these shades are! Of course with there only being four shades in this I swatched them all for you but I have to say the two purple shades are my favourite. Although I think you will be able to create an amazing look with all four.

IMG_1506 IMG_1521

I of course kept the best palette to last, that is my Urban Decay Vice palette. Whenever I feel like a little bit of colour I grab this palette. Theres something about it that just screams colour. Well its not something, its the colour thats in it. I have to say while I’m sat here typing, I wondered why I said that. But hey, you’ve just got to let you mind do the talking sometime. This literally is a palette of colour, which made it very hard for me to chose just four shades. But I did it, the firs is Freeze and with the hype with Frozen that is going on at the moment, don’t pretend you don’t like it just because your over 10! Its okay to like Disney films, we all think they are cool. This looks amazing paired with a bright white, with the blue smoked out. Next is the most amazing green I have ever seen in an eyeshadow and that is Dragon, what a cool name too. This is a little bit daring for me, unlike the blue which looks amazing smoked out I think this has to be kept in a block colour, it is so bright and out there. But I love it. Next is Alchemy, this gorgeous bright pink colour looks amazing in the Spring and summer. It makes me think of festivals and cool prints. I just love it. Last had to be Bobby Dazzle, not only do I love the name but it is one of the only true white shadows I have found. This is the colour I am talking about when I say a bright colour needs to be paired next to a white. It is just perfection in a shadow. Again with these shadows I do find they tend to have a little bit more fall out than the usual shadow, but if I am applying colour like these and I really want to make the colour stand out I would be applying them before my foundation anyway.


What are your favourite palettes for Spring?




  • Emmys Blog

    Those MAC shades are gorgeous, at the moment im loving a basic eye with a bright colour underneath my bottom lash line x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  • Sarah Smiles

    I have and love the Vice 3 palette too, its definitely perfect for this time of the year when I want to brighten up my look! 🙂

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  • Tara Eavan

    I love the Naked 3 palette too, it’s beautiful and perfect for Spring! I’ve been lusting after the Vice 3 palette for so long. The shades look gorgeous!

    Tara Eavan x

  • Victoria Nightingale

    The first set of shades are so pretty 🙂 You make me want to go out and buy another palette! I don’t know how you keep yours looking so nice – mine are a mess!

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