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Lush Haul

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Of course a spending spree wouldn’t be complete without a trip into Lush and picking up some of their new products. This time where looking at Easter, with a little one from their mothers range thrown in for good measure. I get so excited when I see new lush products, its one of those things in life where youve just gotta try the new ones. Theres just something about it. Next time I head into lush it has to be for some of their old but good ones. I feel as though I havent just headed in there and tried some of my old favourites in so long! They just do new ones so well!
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First I picked up some of the individually wrapped ones, such as this Hoppity Poppity, Immaculate Eggception Pink, Bunch of Carrots and this cute little Bubblegrub. Then I saw the amazing Funny Bunny, which was just too good not to have! This included a Bunch of Carrots, Fluffy Egg, Hoppity Poppity and a Dragon Egg.

What have you been picking up from Lush recently?




  • Sarah Smiles

    That little bunch of carrots is so cute! I’m gutted I can never buy anything from Lush, I can’t wait to get a bath back! 🙂

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  • Niamh Rayne

    I am in love with this year’s Easter range! The little bunch of carrots and hoppity poppity are the cutest ever x

    Niamh |

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