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Theres something almost scary about allowing someone else to pick food for you. Allowing them to put it in a box and make you wait for it arrive with the postman. What makes it worse, my postman doesnt come till 12:30 thats just too long to wait. If you havent heard of Graze before I’ll keep you up to date. What it is, is a box that gets sent to you with four snack items inside. There are lots of different types of boxes you can get such as Breakfast box, protein box etcetc. My favorite is the Variety box, this way you get a range of different items, personally that makes the box the best! If your sat there thinking but what if there are things that I dont like! Dont worry, the website gives you the option to Bin something if you dont like it, Try if you would like to try it. Like if you like it or Love if you really like that product. This way you get a variety and of the things that you like or want to try. There is also the option to click if you want to get that item sent to you soon. You get to choose how often, how many and which boxes you like all on the website. For me this makes me eat a little bit healthier, with the option of having something tasty like a brownie which has been made with good ingredients.

Have you tried Graze? What do you think?




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