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July Favourites



I know I say this in every months favourite videos but I literally cant believe that it is actually the 1st of August, I always think once it gets to this point the year just goes far too fast. I start to look forward to Autumn and Winter, which this year I am looking forward to more than ever. I have had a little bit of a rocky start to the year and hoping that this half runs a little bit smoother. But anyway back to what this post is actually about, July Favourites. There has been quite a few this month with most of them being new things that I have become obsessed with pretty quickly. July was a month of spending for, buying things to cheer myself up or having things bought for me in an attempt to cheer me up, which I am going to be honest, helps. Which girl out there cant say that when a delivery comes that you knew nothing about it doesnt put a little smile across your face. I gotta whole lotta favourites coming your way!



Ive tried out so many new things this month that this list was bound to be long, but I have tried to really get down to the few bits that I am totally obsessing over and just can’t get enough off. Some of them I have already review in full so will leave the link to them if I have. If not do not worry guys, they will be coming very soon! The first thing that I have got to mention is the Nars Sheer Glow, I am in love. If you are needing something full coverage but wanting it too look dewy and still natural this is definitely for you! This is a great foundation for the summer months and looks perfect on the skin! The other thing that I have been loving for a dewy skin is my Urban Decay All Nighter make-up setting spray, I know lots of people say they find this drying but for me it keep my make-up on and it stays looking dewy though out the day. Its literally amazing, I have the travel size version of this at the moment but will 100% be going for the full size next time. To create a bright under eye my favourite, like most people at the moment is the Urban Decay Naked Concealer, this stuff just wow.  The minute I start to blend this you can see the change straight away, it is seamless, doesnt crease and is just my love in a  little bottle. Lips wise the two I am looooving are the Too Faced Melted in Fig, I think this is a little bit of an autumn/winter shade but I love it non the less. The application is amazing and it just gives that little pop of colour that I just love. The other is the Clinique Pop lipstick in Plum Pop, this one is very nude and quite basic but I love how hydrating this is. Especially as I tend to get sore lips in the summer from the heat so this is perfect for me! For the eyes i have recently picked up the Soap and Glory SuperCat liner. Why I have never had this before is beyond me, it is in a pen form which makes it super easy to apply and makes creating the perfect winged eyeliner even better! I cant wait to get to grips with it a little more and create some looks using it! Related to eyes is this Loreal Brow Artist Plumper, I have seen a few people talking about this on the internet but not enough in my view! This is the easiest brow product I have used, someday I just use this to give my brows a little colour other time I use it to set them in place. The last thing in the beauty section is this Yes To Cucumbers Moisturiser, I was in need of a new day time moisturiser and saw this in Boots. I was intrigued by the brand and thought it looked amazing, since I suffer from sensitive skin I went with this one. I love how calming it is and it really has been working wonders over the last few days, review coming very soon!

IMG_2450 IMG_2453


Books have been my best friend for about the last two weeks, there my little way to switch off from the world. My two favourites of the month have been I’m Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham and Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little.  These have been two of the best books I have read in what seems like forever. The first is a funny book, talking about a twenty year old girls experiences in life and the other is a mystery kinda on the edge of your seat wanting to read the next chapter kind of book. Both equally as good. For tv PLL is still up there with one of my favourite shows of all time! Im caught up now so every week when a new one comes out I’m watching it, hoping that by some miracle I can watch the next one too. Of course that never happens because Netflixs are just far too clever at making sure things come out at the right time. Cold green tea with honey is another thing that I have been totally obsessed with, I may do a little summery post on that in the next few weeks on how I make it and what extras I like to pop in for good measure!





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