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SuperCat Flick

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Okay so the title is a little missleading, Im not an expert at the expert liner flick and I’m also not going to talk about cats. Sorry crazy cat ladies! I am only joking of course, I have so much love for all the cat lovers out there. One of the questions that goes round my head so much is why does it make you crazy if you have a huge love for cats? Like would it be the same if you really loved dogs? Does that make you crazy too? Why has that stereotype been created, I just dont get it! If you have any idea or your views on why it was created please do let me know in the comments I am intrigued. I digress, what I really will be talking about is the Soap and Glory Supercat liquid black eyeliner pen. Being the non liner expert I am I thought this looked like a very safe beauty item. I dont want something that can flick out, or that I have to steady my hand with to make sure that the line is in fact straight. Although which of us can say that we have never noticed that the line is a little wonky but you just keep filling it in and filling it in until suddenly your touching your eyebrow with you liner. BUT you can’t wipe it off and give in cause the other eye is perfect! This little product however has been a life saviour for me and at the little cost off £6, really who is going to complain!

The packaging is what I always start with its the part that really draws you too it, I like the all black packaging making it super simple and just pleasing to the eye. I like the pink because it makes it Soap and Glory I mean when I see something with that true Soap and Glory pink colour you just know its going to be good! The accents of gold of course I loved but I have to say it did not make it easy to photograph, which really for most of you is not probably something you think about. But for me when I was trying to take photos for this post I just wanted to cry! Another thing I love about the overall design of this is that it is pen shaped, which makes it so much easier to hold onto when applying. I also like that the lid really clicks into place as I have had so many liners that when I go to get them out from last week when I used it it has dried out and has to put in the bin. I have no concerns with this that it will dry out as the lid is so sturdy!IMG_2482

Now onto the most important part which is the product itself, there is something about how this applies, how long it stays there for and how black this product is! The nib of the pen makes it super easy to apply and I find I get a more precise line when using this compared to others when it is a brush applicator. I have used this for the past week and after a long, hard day when I get in it is still in the same line that I applied it. It also doesnt print up to the top of my lid, which is a godsend for me. For £6 I really dont know what more you could want from this product, I have tried more expensive liners and can say that this is my favourite! I can’t wait to master the cateye with this little beauty! Its a 10/10 for this Soap and Glory number, I just can’t wait to try out more from there beauty line!





  • Emmys Beauty Cave

    I love how it has that extra black colour whereas some eyeliner shades can look a little dull! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • Fab post hun, I have to agree the pen shape really does make this easy to use. The only problem I have found with this is when I apply closely to my tear duct it does end up wiping off easily 🙁

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  • Ally McCann

    I swear by this eyeliner! I bought it in May and it’s still going strong…not even drying out yet 🙂

  • Rosie C

    I think I may have to invest in this – I’ve tried so many pen liners that are just weak grey smudges. Does this tug or tease on your eyes at all? Some certainly do! Great post 🙂 x

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