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Whilst I had my little break away from my blog I celebrated my birthday, wahoo, I thought turning 19 would make me feel different and more of an adult. But in all honesty I feel no different than I did the night before my birthday. This was the first year that I didnt really ask for anything much and just wanted to get little bits of surprises, which is one of my favorite things about birthdays. I love all the nick nacky little bits and bobs. On the Saturday before my birthday myself and Alex went down to York where we shopped and dined. He treated me to a Jamie Olivers Kitchen Dinner and the cocktails flowed really well. Im not much of a partier so instead of going to clubs we sat in a few bars and headed back to the hotel early. The next day I woke up to balloons all over the bed and presents sprawled everywhere! We went for an early breakfast, shopped a little more then spent the afternoon and night at my mam and dad’s caravan where I was spoiled lots more. So heres a few of the bits I got for my birthday, the rest was money or gift vouchers which I am yet to spend, (expect another haul).


I love a movie night and was bought The Little Mermaid, Turbo, Pitch Perfect, The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Furris Buellers Day Off. I am so excited to get an afternoon off work and sit and watch them back to back! If any of you follow my instgram you will know my love for my little doggy and so Alex saw this book and decided he couldnt leave it. It has loads of different photos of dogs which have done things wrong and have been caught by its owner. I was also given the Laura Mercier Honey  Bath which is amazing! But is definitly getting kept for those days when im feeling like I need something a little more expensive on myself.


I was after a watch for my birthday but couldnt find one that I reallyreally liked, however Alex surprised me and picked out this gorgeous watch from Urban Outfitters, its exactly what I was after! He also got me this candle in a little shop in York which smells AMAZING! The boy did well this year and also picked out these gorgeous Ted Baker earrings which look lovely in. Similarly my Mam and Dad got me the Marc Jacob ones which I have been lusting over for an age! Another thing I have been asking for, for ages is the Nars Laguna Bronzer which I would have bought myself but sometime when things are a little more expensive I like to be bought them so I dont feel as guilty. My Mam also picked out the lovely By Terry eyeshadow stick which is in a gorgeous sparkly pink colour, of course this was off my Dad too but I really doubt he had anything to do with the purchase of this. Alex bought me the Mac Pro Longwear concealer which I helped him out with so he could get the correct colour. Teapigs is something else my Mam and Dad got me as they know how much I love a good cup of tea! The chalk bored you can see in the background is another present Alex bought me from a little shop in york which is going to come in handy with my blog.

I was lucky enough to recieve a few more bits and bobs that I have put away in my room or are essential things such as cotton wool etc which are now in use.

Has it been your birthday lately? Let me know in the comments if it has and what you got?!





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