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Too Faced: Pucker Up

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One brand that I have always loved the look of but never bought anything from them is Too Faced I love all there packaging and always find people saying amazing things about the brand but had just never got round to buying anything from them. I was in Tk Maxx one day a few weeks ago when I noticed this Too Faced Colour Bomb in the shade Coral Pop and picked it up straight away. I loved the coral shade and I knew I wanted to try something from the brand. I looked at the price thinking it was going to be around the £10 mark and found it was only £4 so knew I had to buy it. I ran to the till excited about purchasing my first thing from them and skipped out the shop looking from my hand bag mirror ready to put it on. Wow.

First of all I was shocked at the strange tingling sensation, gutted as I thought I was allergic to the stuff. Then I realised once sitting down with my coffee and really looking at the product that it was a plumping lip tint. It wasn’t like a painful tingle just something that I did notice, once I realised this was suppose to happen I applied a little more and waited for the affects. I really liked it, obviously it didn’t make my lips any bigger, you need botox for that kinda thing girls. But the colour and the overall finish of the lip tint was gorgeous. I loved the way it looked with my skin tone and was just overall pleased that I had found such a bargain. Another thing that I loved about this product is the amount of actual lip tint you get, I have never seen any lipstick give you this much product!

With this in mind I was soon to click onto the buzz around their Melted lipsticks and had to pick one up. I went for the shade Fig which is gorgeous kinda dark, plumy, purple colour which you know I just love. I was so confused when I first opened this as it has a squeeze tube but then a sponge applicator on top in which you squeeze the tube and the colour appears. Well of course me being me, just couldn’t bring myself to get that pristine white song purple. But in the end I knew I had too. I love the application of this how you use the sponge added onto the end of the tube, I think this really helps to blend the colour and makes it as build able as you like.  Depending on how intense you want the colour to be.This costs £19 which is a little more expensive than some but I will definitely be purchasing a few more of these and may even try out some of their metal collection. Have you tried anything from Too Faced, what did you think?





  • Jess

    That plum shade looks gorgeous, but I’m not sure I could pull it off. I think I’d be like you and not want to make the sponge full of lippy!


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