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Review: Loreal Superliner

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To this day I find it so hard applying eye liner. I have had so many fights with them in the past so find something that I can apply well. Ive had things that Ive loved fora  few weeks then all of a sudden they hate me. But last week I had a revaluation! I found something that is so amazing to apply and im still loving it. Ive heard a few people talking about this online and thought id give it ago since I have issues with the hole eye liner situation. Its the amazing Loreal Super Liner!

As always I start with the packaging as its the first thing you look at when you see a product. Theres nothing too fancy about this but I dont expect that from a eye liner. It has an amazing handle which helps the application of the product, the long handle means gliding the liner on is easy. The long tip of the eye liner makes it even easier to apply as you can stroke on the product rather than having to push down.

Now for the actual product, its one of the darkest black liners I have used which stays put pretty much all day. In the past liners have always creased or smudged but ive had no problem with this one. The colour doesnt fade and still feels just as amazing as the first time I applied it.

For only £5! Thats the bit that gets me, I have tried expensive ones and cheap ones and this is one of the cheaper ones ive found and want to buy so many that I never run out! This was on offer when I bought it but is only normally £6.49 which is still a bargain!

Have you tried this one? What eye liner is your favorite?




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