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Sunday Summary

Sometimes I just like to come to this little spot of mine to chill, relax and think about how the week has gone and what little things I have come up with this week. As I said last week I gave myself two weeks off blogging and I’m slowly coming back into it. I was getting so overcome with how much time I needed to put into my blog as I like to take time over my blog posts and make sure what I post out I am happy with. Im not a perfectionist and wouldnt say that my blog is perfect but as it is a hobby I like to take my time over writing, taking photos and putting the blog post together. I use to think that getting as many blog posts out as possible was the best but I have recently found that this is not the case. Its what you put into the posts that counts. If you have the time to post once a day than thats great, but you have just got to go with what you can manage, for me at the moment working 9-5 monday to friday has meant that blogging has had to take a back seat but once I get onto my shifts I will up my game and get a few more blog posts out a week. Enough of my blabbering for one post!

This week has been a fun one for me, the sun has been out which has instantly put me in a good mood, does that happen to anyone else? As soon as the sun makes an apperance you have an instant smile? Ive had family round to celebrate Mothers Day and then had a huge family party for my cousins engagement, which of course has made my week that little bit better! Its Mothers Day today which means lots of time spent with my mam watching movies together and of course cooking a big Sunday roast for her. What are you getting up to with your mam today?




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