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Foodie Friday #4

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This weeks foodie post is my all time favourite! Fish and chips is one of my favourite things to eat, I think its the simplicity of popping down to the shop and buying my tea already made that makes it so easy for me to do this once a week. But the grease and fat on this is just too much. I needed something that I could make at home that was healthier than the greasey gorgeousness off the fish and chip shop.

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What you need:
Fish (I use cod)
1 Egg1 Wholemeal Bread Bun
Potatoes (Depending on how many chips you like)
Low Calorie Spray Oil
Peas (If you want them)

What to do:
To start off you will need to peal your potatoes and cut them into the size that you like your chips. Boil them for ten minutes or until they are soft. While they are boiling, crack your egg into a bowl and beat it. Grate your bread bun, i use the cheese grater. Take your baking tray and line it with grease proof paper and spray it with low cal spray oil. Dip the fish in the egg then coat it in the bread crumbs, place it on the over tray. When the chips are done, drain and pop them onto a lined grease proof paper tray and spray with low cal oil. Pop them all in the over at the same time for around 20/30 minutes. Until golden. Take out pop on a plate cover in vinegar and salt and enjoy, if you like peas then heat them up and pop them on your plate!

What kind of meals have you been eating this week?




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